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5 Reasons Why Every American Should Visit Cuba

With the recent easing of travel restrictions to Cuba, Americans now have unique opportunity to explore this remarkable country before tourists flock in droves. Under the auspices of Cuba Travel Adventures Group, new opportunities also exist to volunteer in Cuba and benefit lives. Here are our top 5 reasons to consider Cuba for your future travel destination:

1. A Tropical Paradise – Cuba is located in the heart of the Caribbean just 90

miles from Florida! Its beaches are as beautiful as they are undeveloped, leaving miles of white sand and palm trees amidst clear-blue ocean waters. Cuba’s tropical topography is filled with luscious farms, scenic hills and mountains, making it one of the most beautiful locations in the world.

2. A Step Back in Time – U.S. trade embargos on Cuba have served as a principal

reason why Cuba has been locked away in time back to the early-1960’s,

Not much has changed in the country since. Classic old cars roam the streets and the entire nation has taken care to preserve whatever items they have. Surprisingly (but not when you come to know these resilient, resourceful people) many Cubans are in very Spartan conditions and welcome American tourists with pride. As one of the first nations settled by American New World Explorers, Cuba’s fascinating colonial towns and rich history are ripe for discovery on your trip.

3. A Unique and Rich Culture – Cuba has one of the most fascinating histories of

the New World. As a center for plantations during the slave-trade era and recipient of tens of thousands of African slaves, Cuba has a rich and varied mix of African, Spanish and native cultures, resulting in prized dance styles like the Danzon, the Cha Cha and the Rhumba. Cuban music is also world-renowned and incorporates vibrant Spanish-style guitar with rhythmic African beats to create the distinctive “Afro-Cuban” sound. Embracing this culture opens travelers’ eyes to a world of zest and beauty. For sports enthusiasts, nothing compares to the passion that Cubans have for baseball. A nation absolutely mad about the game, Cuba baseball tours can even afford travelers opportunities to play ball with the locals!

4. Less Expensive than Other Islands – Although Caribbean island living and

shopping are high-priced, the Cuba Travel Adventures Group Cuba travel packages are a tremendous value often saving up to 40% - 50% from high-priced “cookie-cutter” tours, particularly considering the tailor-made, unique and flexible itineraries a traveler has to choose from when planning a visit to this nation and its fabulous culture.

5. Cuba won’t Stay Like this Forever! – The times are changing, and as Cuba

begins opening up to America not all anticipated changes will benefit travelers. Billions of dollars of new overseas investment will gradually bring the Cuban nation development and growth, but much of Cuba’s current appeal will be lost. It’s clear that the time to see Cuba is now!

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