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The 5 Best Beaches Near Havana, Cuba

Among the wide range of images Cuba conjures up in the minds of visitors are those of the many beautiful beaches that surround the island nation. Tropical, picturesque, and gorgeous, beaches are among the favorite cultural tour travel stops of many Cuba Travel Adventures Groups,, offering travelers a pause in the sun from interesting inland travel experiences, many of them off the well-worn travelers’ path. Here is our rundown of the top 5 beaches located near Havana:

  1. Santa Maria del Mar – A 15-minute taxi ride east of the city takes you to one

of the city’s most expansive and classically beautiful stretches of coastline. Several beaches make up this region, but the fan-favorite has to be Santa Maria del Mar. Here, delightful palm trees spread across the sand and beachgoers relax in the pleasant atmosphere, or indulge in a variety of water sports. Here is a link to the haven called Santa Maria del Mar:

  1. Guanabo – Just further east and without the touristy feel of hotels, Guanabo

affords the experience of an authentic Cuban beach town. Various B&B’s offer a lovely way to stay overnight, where the sand is fine, waters warm and most inviting However, with a grungier feel, Guanabo is definitely for the more adventurous traveller.

  1. El Salado Beach – Another local favorite, this beach is a short drive west of

Havana. With lots of activities for guests, El Salado Beach can be a wonderful place to explore outside the main city sites. The highlight of Playa El Salado is the coral reef just offshore, which is accessible for divers. Many visitors seize the opportunity to partake in the sport as it offers the best way possible to view the reef and its colorful fish. Watch some divers in this video check out this incredible area, set to some quite adventurous music:

  1. Playa Jibacoa – About an hour east of Havana is the fishing village of Jibacoa.

Quiet, relaxing, and less crowded than the beaches closer to the city, Playa Jibacoa is a peaceful place for visitors to kick back and is a place where the whole family can be comfortable. Both kids and adults relish in the natural, less-developed beaches while snorkeling around the wonderful coral reef just feet from the shore.

  1. Varadero – Though quite a far from the center of Havana (2 hours

east), Varadero is well worth the long drive. One of the world’s first resort communities, travelers began coming here in the 1870’s! There are plenty of reasons why: Varadero harbors some of the most pristine, white sand beaches in all of Cuba. Clear blue waters beckon guests in one of the nation’s most welcoming areas for tourists. Although Varadero is highly developed with luxurious resorts, the peninsula still carries a sense of Cuban history, pride and class. Numerous cafes add a splendid way to tank up before the return ride back to the nation’s capital.

Whether a traveler is looking to relax on the beaches, dance in the rhythmic traditions of Cuba, or help support locals through a community service project, Cuba Travel Adventures Group can take you there.

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