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June 2019 New Travel Laws

The recently announced travel restrictions for Cuba will not affect our clients because all CTAG trips comply with the updated travel rules for Americans that were announced yesterday. Ever since our first Cuba trip in 2004 Cuba Travel Adventures Group has remained true to our core mission of benefiting and improving the lives of ordinary Cubans, especially those in need. Back then my family traveled to Cuba with support from the Cuba American Jewish Mission who sent us off with donations of hard-to-get, expensive medicines gathered by CJAM's doctors. We felt deep gratitude from the Cubans of all races and faiths with whom we spoke who were waiting at the Havana synagogue’s pharmacy (“Patronato”) hoping their prescription medicine would be available. On that initial trip we also brought along 50+ pounds of school supplies and delivered them to teachers and leaders at schools, churches and community centers.

All our 500+ trips to the “Pearl of the Antilles” islands since that time have benefited the Cuban people through our travelers’ generosity, community service/volunteer work and social interaction. CTAG travelers interact each day with Cubans in their homes, on their streets, in clubs and through shared experiences wherever we go.

Yesterday’s announcement eliminating the “People to People” category thus has no effect on us nor does it impact our Cuba that all of which comply with today’s U.S. rules. We intend to continue benefiting Cubans who need an assist especially during these troubled times, and by doing so, proudly display our true character as Americans. We hope you’ll soon travel to Cuba with us to see what we mean.


Manny and our entire CTAG Cuba team

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