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PRIVATE GROUP TRAVEL:  Since our first trip to Cuba in 2004 and in all our the trip planning process for clients, Cuba Travel Adventures Group customizes Cuba travel to suit our travelers' unique interests.  Our travelers move at their own pace and schedule as a private group enjoying the best off-the-beaten-path experiences the island has to offer with the remarkable Cuban people. Reviewers rave about the lasting memories they gather traveling with us in exciting Havana and elsewhere in the "Pearl of the Antilles."  

BUDGET TRAVEL:  We strive wherever possible to sync travelers' experiences with their own unique interests whether in art, architecture, the irresistible Cuban musical and dance rhythms, Cuban-style cooking and rum "mixology," the national pastime of baseball, capturing photographic gems, interacting with diverse artistic communities, hiking the lush countryside, eco-tourism, and many other unique experiences.


PROFOUND COMMUNITY SERVICE:  CTAG trips also offer profound optional community service opportunities in small towns, giving back to improve lives of ordinary Cubans while at the same time enriching our own through interaction with neighborhood centers, places of worship and community agencies.

What people are saying about us....


"We want to thank the entire CTAG team in Cuba for what was an amazing and enlightening experience in Cuba from which we just returned. We highly recommend CTAG for anyone whose goal it is to have a real encounter with Cuba and its people." - SJ Hedrick

MARCH 2024

"I have traveled a fair amount in developing countries, and can see the unique challenges / complexity of Cuba beyond anything we've seen in places like Colombia, Cambodia, etc. We are SO happy that we went with CTAG and had a dedicated driver and guide.

I feel like we talked for 120 straight hours with Yosvany. He absolutely made the trip with his deep understanding of Cuba's history and willingness to share his own life experiences - that context was critical for understanding what we saw, and you don't always encounter that depth with a tour guide, no matter how good their language skills are. His grasp of logistics and handling changes to the itinerary were also impressive, we really felt spoiled just getting to hop in the backseat and having everything fall in place ahead of us.

Travel is always a privilege and something that we don't take for granted, and I think Yosvany was as good as it gets anywhere in the industry. We will recommend CTAG to everyone, and congrats on the team that you have built there. It's very impressive. Would give a sixth star if we could!" - Jerry K.


"CTAG Tours was very easy to work with and very accommodating, being very sensitive to my needs. I was on a tour that was only for me because of the timing of it -- and was able to go to many different kinds of places in the span of 5 short days. This included music, music, and more music; a trip to the Bay of Pigs and Playa Giron; delicious food; horseback riding; a tour of a place where tobacco is grown and processed for "tabacos puros"; Las Terrazas, complete with nature walk and an expert in the nature of the region; political discussions (there were many); a ride in a classic car through distinct neighborhoods of La Habana; exploration of a cave; a boat ride to a restored Taino village; practice in Spanish with a bilingual guide who helped me to improve my Spanish; and so much more. I think Cuba is in my blood - complete with the knowledge of its complicated relationship with the US and the many internal political debates and situations that arise. I would go back again in a heartbeat!" - Navigator237243


Just tell us a little about the trip you want to take, and we'll be in touch. Or feel free to contact us directly at 415-789-9398 or

What do you want to experience in Cuba?
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