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Cuba Yachting Adventures offers scuba enthusiasts a panoply of unique, private and luxurious scuba ecological excursions to the highly protected ocean sanctuary of Jardines de la Reina ("Gardens of the Queen") Marine Park, and to the UNESCO World Heritage Biosphere of Cienega de Zapata along with unique cultural adventures throughout the Cuban isle 

Jardines del la Reina diving
cienega de zapata diving

We offer exclusive one-of-a-kind travel packages with daily dives and fascinating eco explorations aboard our Avalon luxury yacht collection, led by the new 2014 Avalon boasting 15 double cabins & suites, fabulous catered meals by our top-notch crew and optional full-service excursions to Trinidad, Cienfuegos, Santa Clara, Bay of Pigs, Vinales and of course, Havana.  

We Take Care of Everything

We organize and execute unique small group privately-guided Cuba travel throughout the island in full compliance with travel regulations that are sure to leave indelible lifetime memories of Cuba, its people and the richly deserved worldwide recognition of the island as a leading ocean sanctuary and marine preserve.


At the mooring buoy, the reef is 15 meters deep, forming impressive canyons and caves that run perpendicular to the coastline until they reach 24 meters of depth at the edge of the drop-off. At this point, the reef is very colorful and alive, with huge schools of grunts patrolling the border of the abyss; many jacks; silver tarpons in groups of 10-50 coming straight at you and then making a swift turn 5 inches away from your mask, along with turtles, eagle rays flying near the wall and sometimes a lonely three-meter-long great hammerhead coming up from the deep to take a quick look at the divers and then disappearing into the blue. In the meantime, as divers go around the canyons, a group of 10-12 silky sharks keep swimming close to the surface near the boat; then, during the safety stop, they come to get an eyeful of the divers. 


Dive along the drop-off, with coral mountains at the edge descending from 20 m. to 40 m. and then to the abyss (800 m.). Visibility is more than 40 meters. You can find massive black coral colonies in the wall; also, the mysterious and shy great hammerhead shark (Sphyrna mokarran) sometimes emerges from the blue to show its incredible body shape and elegance. 

Black Coral I and II

These two dives are the most exciting! Minimum depth is 24 meters on top of the reef, then a sandy bottom at 30 m. Channels run across the reef perpendicular to the coast, until they reach the drop-off; at this place, there is a resident population of more than 30 reef sharks (Carcharinus perezi) that get very close to the divers (sometimes 10 inches away from the mask). After 15 minutes of breathless watching at these creatures while they swim around, the dive continues close to the coral formations and sandy channels with sleeping stingrays (Dasyatis americana), parrotfish, big black groupers and tons of jacks swimming near divers until the end of the dive.


Tour+Scuba Packages 

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