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One of the most beautiful locations in Cuba, and perhaps the entire Caribbean, is Cayo Coco, an island among the Jardines del Rey archipelago that juts off of Cuba’s north coast.  Home to several prominent resorts among the lengthy white beaches and palm tree groves, Cayo Coco is a major tourist destination for anyone seeking a Cuba tour or getaway.  Here are some of the highlights of this tropical paradise.


The Cayo Coco beach is regarded as one of the most beautiful worldwide.  Though hotels began to appear in the late 1980’s, there are still lengthy stretches of beach uninterrupted by development.  The beaches feature some of the Caribbean’s highest sand dunes, which allow for the local vegetation and animals to flourish.  Additionally, such a setting allows for visitors to relax on the sand, take in the sun, and enjoy an incredible beach experience.  


But the turquoise-blue waters of the Caribbean beckon warmly, and here Cuba travel groups can find another possibility of enjoyment.  The area is home to the largest barrier reef on the Western Hemisphere (over 250 miles long!), which houses numerous species of colorful fish and coral.  This makes for a lovely day trip outing for snorkeling or diving, which draws many visitors to the area.


Above the water, Cayo Coco tourists find great joy in the sports of deep-sea fishing and fly-fishing.  The nearby location of Cayo Guillermo became famous for fishing in the 1960’s and served as the setting for several memorable Ernest Hemingway stories.  Perhaps you’ll be able to reel in a big one on your Cuba travel adventure!


The wildlife in the area is tremendous.  Over 200 species of birds live in Cayo Coco, including an especially delightful colony of pink flamingos.  Additionally, the local vegetation has blossomed into one of the most dense and covered areas in the entire Caribbean.  Protected habitats and bird watching locations will ensure that this sanctuary remains a beautiful location focused on its natural characteristics for years to come.


Cayo Coco also served as a historically significant location during colonial times.  Pirates and buccaneers would ease their ships into the inlets and coves, hiding from authorities and perhaps basking in the wonderful sunshine!  Another industry that blossomed here was charcoal production, though it has since given way to tourism for obvious reasons.  Though development continues to grow here, it still has enough natural charm to remain an ideal location for a Cuba vacation.


Cayo Coco is connected to the Cuban mainland through a 17-mile causeway across the Bahia de Perros.  Cuba adventure groups are able to visit the island using the causeway, coming through the nearby town of Moron.  Another beautiful location rich with Cuban history and culture, Moron is a great place to check out for the more adventurous Cayo Coco visitors.  


Numerous Cuba travel groups choose to spend time in Cayo Coco during their trips because it represents the ultimate tropical setting.  Cuba community service tours and Cuba volunteer groups enjoy making a stop here at the beaches to relax after a fun week of helping the locals through a variety of projects. 



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