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Experience the delights of Cuba while providing help and community service to the people of this beautiful land.  Cuba volunteering presents the chance for visitors of all ages to come see the rapidly changing nation of Cuba, while getting the opportunity to relish in the historical and charming Caribbean island nation.  It can be a tremendous learning experience for groups of teenagers and young adults, while entire families can also enjoy the splendor of giving back in supporting Cuba community service projects as they get a taste of the Cuban culture. 



Cuba community service tours are 10 - 14 days in total, providing a fully immersive travel experience right into the heart of the country.  Since travel to Cuba has been enabled directly from the American mainland for groups traveling under auspices of authorized companies, flights from the U.S. take travelers right to the island.  From here, visitors arrive in the communities of the Matanzas province.


Various Cuba community service projects take place in Matanzas, providing opportunities to live and work alongside the locals.  American families and groups engage as a unit in light labor tasks, such as basic carpentry, painting, cleaning, or helping prepare for local events.  Many of the Cuban buildings and infrastructure are in dire need of repair or restoration, and such service can help change the fortunes of this community.  Other ways to volunteer in Cuba include foreign language tutoring, food deliveries and community gardening.  Many Cubans desire to learn English in order to improve their chances to earn a better living through tourism, and what better way to learn than to be taught by native speakers!  And gardening projects help volunteers learn about how to grow sustainable produce.



Following 5 days of supporting Cuba service projects, the tour takes visitors to the Caribbean paradise at Cayo Coco, an island on the north side of central Cuba, or the famous Varadero beaches.  Here visitors get to relax and unwind, enjoying the natural splendor of white sand, palm trees, and turquoise-blue waters.  Such pristine natural beauty is largely unique to the under-developed Cuban coastline and allows for incredible moments of peace and tranquility in Cuba’s bountiful nature.




From the beaches travelers enjoy a scenic bus tour across to Cuba’s capital, Havana.  As if time stood still in Cuba during the past 60 years, guided people to people experiences take visitors throughout Havana’s most important sites.  Walking tours of Old Havana feature a view on the rapidly changing Cuban culture from within, including the famous museums, El Malecon, Ernest Hemingway’s favorite spots, the Museum of the Revolution, Havana’s famous plazas, Afro-Cuban culture, a glimpse into the burgeoning entrepreneurship in Cuba, class American car rides  and much more.  Such immersive experience are finally available to those who venture forth!



Following a gala farewell dinner, the trip concludes with the flight back home to America, but the pleasant memories and feelings of contribution will last a lifetime.  The trip is a intended as wonderful experiences for young and old, as encourage  families to gain an international perspective in a developing country while helping those in need.  Prices are all-inclusive through Cuba Travel Adventures Group at, and are open to groups of three or more.  For those looking to embark on their Cuba community service projects, please contact about these potential life-changing experiences.

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