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May 2024

"Our trip to Cuba was flawless, thanks to Cuba Travels Adventure Group. They provided amazing guides, cultural exchange, transportation, and a personalized and flexible itinerary, which exceeded our expectations. The accommodations were incredible, and their local expertise ensured we experienced the Cuba to its fullest. Be prepared, this is an absolute adventure like non-other. Highly recommend for anyone planning a Cuban adventure!"

- John B.

"We were met at the airport by our guide Beatrice. We were late and she had looked us up and had our pictures, and she came up to us. Our driver, we going to call Joey? Because we can't say his name. Was amazing they were both so helpful. Beatrice spoke perfect english and was very knowledgeable about the culture and everything that was happening in cuba. Everybody was extremely helpful. Our accommodations were clean and very friendly service. Beatrice made sure that if something needed to be moved around, we got to see it at another time. Not only was her trip a vacation, it was an education. And very enjoyable."

-  Robin M.

"Thanks to Manny and Cary and all the staff at CTAG who contributed to the beautiful experience of my trip to Cuba.

I appreciated the accommodations to my stated interests, but I find that my opportunities to speak to Cuban people feature largest in my pleasant memories.

Thank you Orellio, Lorena, Annabelle, the shy tobacco farmer, the long-suffering horse wrangler, and especially my guide Nathaly and my driver Alejandro. I hope that my gratitude for my hosts’ openness and generosity in sharing with me can somehow be conveyed to them."

-  Barbara H.

"We just returned a few days ago from our great Cuba travel experience. Much thanks to Manny and Cary for working with us to arrange a surprise adventure for my wife's birthday. Our guide, Yosvany, and our driver, Yosmel, were great. So were all our hosts, the food, the visit with an American car restorer and his family, the Buena Vista Social Club, the Botanical Gardens, the tobacco farm, the sunrise hike in Vinales, the beaches, lunch with El Professor, the rum, cigars, etc. Yosvany was endlessly patient and informative, with impressively deep knowledge of Cuban history and culture, and beyond. Yosmel was witty and warm, and kind enough to drive me back to our rooms a couple of times after I had become ill. Cuba is a fascinating, complex, varied place and must be seen to be believed. This type of trip isn't for the casual traveler, though. It's an adventure, not a lounging-on-the-beach type of "vacation." Power outages + heat outside of Havana can be taxing, and you better have cash on hand for tips. Loved it, and recommended to others who don't mind strapping on their hiking shoes and digging into Cuban life."

- Allen B.

"CTAG were amazing in organising our itinerary for Cuba. They were so easy to deal with, prompt reply to any questions. The tour and our guide Beatriz, and driver Yosmel were so informative, pleasant, helpful and did everything possible to ensure our holiday was amazing. We had an unfortunate incident when leaving Cuba to return to USA - our visas had been cancelled unbeknown to us and CTAG. We were stranded in cuba and had to arrange flights from there to Mexico and endeavour to re-enter USA. We contacted our local guide in Cuba who assisted us in contacting CTAG in America, found accommodation for us, transport and the Cuban 'head' of CTAG arrived next day to offer apologies and any further help we needed. Allin all, a wonderful experience, adventure and we loved every second of it and cannot recommend CTAG and their guides enough."

- Anders O.

"What an amazing trip to Cuba: Habana, Vinales, Cienfuegos (Bay of Pigs), Trinidad! It was more like an adventure, all thanks to CTAG who was wonderful from the start by getting us all the paperwork to providing the best guide (Yosvany) and driver (Yosmel), who were warm, intelligent, inquisitive, and funny. The conversation, cultural exchanges and the many activities were highlights. While we couldn’t get to all the activities on our packed schedule, the flexibility allowed us to add a stop to Guanajay, my grandfather’s birth town. Our accommodations were clean and at times grand, and the food outstanding. Yosvany and Yosmel were wonderful; always making sure we were comfortable and having a great time with whatever we were doing, from urban to rural, touring, cooking lesson, hikes, swimming/snorkeling in the ocean, etc. They gave us an education of life in Cuba and in a communist country. They knew where to stop for fruit, food, bathroom breaks, and the best activities and restaurants. The local expert guides at all the activities were wonderful and most spoke English and educated us on aspects of their specialties. When the specialist guides didn’t speak English, Yosvany interpreted, and was also thoughtful in making sure to include Yosmel in all the conversations as he is still leearning to speak English. A special shout out to all the hosts at all our accommodations who made us feel like family; what a warm people!

We have traveled extensively over the years, beginning with my husband and I serving as Peace Corp Volunteers in West Africa, but it was best to do Cuba with a guide as there were blackouts and shortages on gas, food, and water and our guide and driver navigated it all, so we could enjoy wonderful colorful Cuba. It was worth the expense to do Cuba with CTAG!"

- Brad F.

Dear Manny and Cary,

I am writing to thank you and all your staff for the beautiful experience of my trip to Cuba. I loved it all.

I appreciate your efforts to respond to my stated interests in Cuba’s history, architecture, art, and music - wonderful, wonderful — but I find that my opportunities to speak with Cuban people are what feature largest in my pleasant memories. It is not an easy thing to talk about one’s daily life to a stranger one has only just met. I hope that my gratitude to my hosts for their openness and generosity in sharing with me can somehow be conveyed to them.

Of course, all these people have moved on to other travelers and other concerns, but if it is possible to pass information on, I enclose the following messages to them:

@ to Cary in California, thank you for answering all my questions and having patience with my negligible phone/computer skills, especially with the Cuban health form.

@ to my guide at the Museum of Fine Arts (who gave me his card, which I unfortunately lost in the wash - I believe his first name was Oriellio), thank you for sharing your knowledge with me!

@ to Lorena, what a nifty kitchen/rooftop terrace you have! Thank you for a delicious and — as Nathaly tells me — authentic Cuban lunch experience. I hope that your social media commentators in Cuba will respond more positively to your cooking posts in future :-).

@ to Annabelle, thank you for the bountiful breakfast with spectacular outdoor views. I hope that the second attempt to construct a new house goes better than the first :-).

@ to the shy tobacco farmer, thank you for the three Cuban souvenirs for my friend John. John is excitably resuscitating them (after their journey) in little bags with cups of water and apple slices.

@ to the long-suffering horse wrangler at the tobacco farm, thank you for accommodating my inexperience (but enthusiasm!) in horseback riding, for showing me breathtaking views of the mountains, and for your small-talk.

@ to Camillo, thank you for persevering in what I am afraid was a very one- sided dialog (I am a shy person). I wish you well, and, if it is not too presumptuous to say, I hope that you have found a lasting love with your husband the medical doctor, and that you have come agreeably to rest in your homeland, after all your travels.

Most of all, I would like to thank Nathaly my guide and Alejandro my driver, and to bring them to your especial attention. I found them to be a fount of information about Cuban life — helpful, resourceful, and good - humored. They anticipated my every need.

I asked Nathaly many questions, and she answered them all - from the progress of a ballerina thru the ranks of the national ballet to the organization (from staircase to cabinet) of political groups to the restaurant-dining habits (in better times) of the typical Cuban family. (Alejandro contributed information about sports.)

As I said, I am a shy person, and Nathaly’s outgoing personality and ability to draw others out in conversation were invaluable assets to me.

I very much appreciated having a woman for a guide — Nathaly was able to describe the position of women in Cuba before and after the Revolution, and, between us, we discovered a mutual loathing for ironing :-).

Nathaly coped admirably with the unexpected — my injuring my toes by tripping at the beach. When I began to fear my injury went beyond bruising to possible broken bones, she took me to the international clinic the very next day, and re-arranged my activities for that day so as not to aggravate the injury. (Both Nathaly and Alejandro had to rise very early to get me seen by the doctor.)

My most precious memory of Cuba is Nathaly’s and Alejandro’s response to my questions about salsa on the road back from Vinales. Alejandro tuned the car radio to a station broadcasting traditional Cuban music, Nathaly explained the difference between Puerto Rican and Cuban salsa, and both sang along — with evident gusto and enjoyment — to the songs on the radio. (Nathaly also played some more current Cuban music from her personal playlist.)

No one can predict the future, but if I am able to return to Cuba again, I would request Nathaly as my guide and Alejandro as my driver, for a trip to explore Cuban music further.

In any case, I was more than satisfied with my experience, and I intend to mention your agency to everyone I meet. My thanks again.


Barbara Harrison




April 2024

"I recently had the pleasure of experiencing CTAG and I must say, it exceeded all my expectations. From start to finish, the service was exceptional. The tours were well-planned and immersive, offering a perfect balance of exploration and relaxation. What truly set this service apart was the fantastic company and Neus positive vibes throughout the journey . She made sure we were well-fed and busy and our driver. I couldn't have asked for a better travel experience. I can't wait to return Highly recommended!"

- Tamica B.


March 2024

"Top tier service. They made my trip to Cuba UNFORGETTABLE. I had the time of my life. This was the best vacation I have ever had. They were kind friendly and prompt. They over delivered. I will definitely be using them again."


- Patrice T

"Kudos to everyone involved. The trip was phenomenal. It exceeded my expectations. You and Manny have an impressive operation. I have recommended you highly to everyone I talk to about the experience. I sincerely hope it brings you more business.

Of course, Alpi and July were exceptional. The last thing I said to Alpi, threw tears at the airport, was that I wish I could buy stock in Alpi. July earned extra points (and an even better tip), when he repaired the van while we were frolicking in the ocean. That’s when we learned that you have to be a mechanic to be a driver.

Speaking of learning, that was one of the best things about the trip. Of course, I have a much better understanding of Cuba now. I fell in love with Cuba and the Cuban people. Too bad our governments (all governments) screw things up so much.

OK, I have one suggestion for improvement. It is really minor. I had to dig deep to think of anything. But you asked for feedback so here it is. Change the setting for the meeting with the professor. We met him while dining at a noisy restaurant. Only the few people who sat near him were able to communicate with him. The group would have benefited from a more private, quiet meeting.

It is with tremendous gratitude that I say thank you!"

- Louise

"I have traveled a fair amount in developing countries, and can see the unique challenges / complexity of Cuba beyond anything we've seen in places like Colombia, Cambodia, etc. We are SO happy that we went with CTAG and had a dedicated driver and guide.

I feel like we talked for 120 straight hours with Yosvany. He absolutely made the trip with his deep understanding of Cuba's history and willingness to share his own life experiences - that context was critical for understanding what we saw, and you don't always encounter that depth with a tour guide, no matter how good their language skills are. His grasp of logistics and handling changes to the itinerary were also impressive, we really felt spoiled just getting to hop in the backseat and having everything fall in place ahead of us.

Travel is always a privilege and something that we don't take for granted, and I think Yosvany was as good as it gets anywhere in the industry. We will recommend CTAG to everyone, and congrats on the team that you have built there. It's very impressive. Would give a sixth star if we could!"


- Jerry K.

February 2024

Dear Manny and Cary,

My mom so loved hearing about the trip that she would like to plan a trip there October 2024. It would be me, my sister, my 92 yo mom and 2 or 3 of her friends (in their 80s). They all are very active people, exercise and routinely walk a couple miles a day. I told my mom I would start to look into it as she keeps inquiring. She is very interested in the UNESCO world heritage sites and we would go for about 6 days. Would be great to start discussing and seeing if Alpi will be there too! 




Hi Cary,

Now that we’ve had a day or two to acclimate back to life in the US, I want to express my thanks to you, Manny and Alpi for a truly fantastic trip to Cuba. I had no idea how fabulous, interesting and beautiful the country and the people would be. My personal highlights were our visit to the Synagogue with Lorenzo, the terrific cooking and drink making class with Lore, learning about Cuban economy and politics with Camilo, the mosaic art in Fusterlandia and the incredible landscape and countryside around Vinales. And none of this could have happened without Alpi - he was our “on the ground” superhero! It was an amazing 6 days. 


I’m truly looking forward to my return trip!






Dinny said it all so beautifully above and I wholeheartedly echo her sentiments. The itinerary that we were able to put together from a wide selection of options; the ease of travel that was enabled and the knowledge and passion for Cuba that Alpi and the team had were incredible. I had not expected to fall in love with Cuba and all it had to offer, but I have thanks to CTAG unique and educational tour, and not only will I be back, but my 91 yo mother upon hearing about the trip and seeing my pictures, now asked when she could go!  I added the menfolk on this thread now as well, as after we got home Bernie said "I miss Alpi!"  I said, "me too!"  You guys have a great business and have opened my eyes to the natural beauty of Cuba and its incredible mix of people!  




"We want to thank the entire CTAG team in Cuba for what was an amazing and enlightening experience in Cuba from which we just returned.

Our group of three was ushered through an incredible experience by our guide Brayan and driver Yosamel. The quality of service provided by Brayan and Yosamel was simply exceptional in every respect. We quickly developed relationships with them which transcended their roles as professional guides to ones of real friends. Brayan’s ability to manage and adjust on the fly while demonstrating no apparent stress was quite remarkable. In our eight days together there was no shortage of unexpected challenges to which they both had to deal. Among the challenges Brayan was required to navigate was a major storm and resulting flooding which closed access to the apartment reserved for our first two nights in Havana. He not only managed the situation brilliantly, but did so with absolute class and humor (he was also quick to complement that Cuban team operating behind the scenes). Later in the trip we were involved in an accident caused by a negligent ’tricycle' (motorized vehicle) driver which collided with us while we were driving between Cienfuegos and Trinidad. We were in a small rural town where the entire village seemed to descend on the accident scene. In what could have evolved into a volatile situation, it was impressive to witness the professional, intelligent and calm manner in which both Brayan and Yosamel handled the situation. In short, they commanded the situation, while at the same time ensuring we were secure. These are only a few of the many circumstances with which Brayan had to deal. In each case he responded with aplomb and actually made the challenging circumstances eventful pieces of the tour.

Brayan is exceptional in his ability to communicate (be it in Spanish or English) and we’ve never before experienced a more effective interpreter. This was evidenced by his non-stop interpretation between us and Yosamel (it should be noted that at the same time Yosamel was working at improving his English, which he did). It was clear that Brayan was not only interested in making us comfortable, but that he also wanted to keep Yosamel continually involved in our conversation. This sensitivity is a rather unique and complimentary element of his personality. His knowledge of Cuba … geographically, historically, politically and culturally … is impressive. We essentially had a week-long, non-stop discussion about Cuba and what we learned from him was the core of what we take away from our trip.

One of the key values of the tour for us, which is unique to CTAG, was the ability to adjust in the moment. This ability allowed us to modify the schedule in order to take advantage of opportunities as they presented themselves. This allowed the chance to capture spontaneous moments which would have been impossible had we been committed to an itinerary schedule. Let me share a few examples. Brayan knew we were baseball fans, but the national league season had recently concluded so a game couldn’t be scheduled. While checking into our casa in Trinidad, Brayan and Yosamel walked up to the roof top and noticed a nearby stadium was filled with local fans. As it turns out, the local team was in the middle of double header and Brayan immediately modified our schedule to allow for an hour at the ballpark where we had a unique and wonderful experience to interact with locals on their turf. Earlier in the trip, while driving in a rural area near Vinales, Yosamel spotted a boy with his father walking on the road and thought it a good opportunity to give away some of the baseball equipment we had brought to Cuba as gifts. As it turned out, a nearby school was letting out and we were presented a beautiful opportunity to share our gifts with a large number of local boys and girls who were overjoyed, as were we as the givers. CTAG’s flexible approach presented us with one of the great memories of our time in Cuba.

We cannot overstate our appreciation of Brayan and Yosamel. They are directly responsible for what was an eventful experience which we will forever value. They are wonderful ambassadors for CTAG and we thank CTAG for providing us with this memorable adventure.

We highly recommend CTAG for anyone whose goal it is to have a real encounter with Cuba and its people."

- SJHedrick

"Everything about this trip was stellar: the organization, the preparation, the guide and driver, the itinerary, and of course lovely Cuba. We were given utmost customization, safety and lots of fun for all events and transportation. This company will take excellent care of you."

- dbarlow24

January 2024


"CTAG Tours was very easy to work with and very accommodating, being very sensitive to my needs. I was on a tour that was only for me because of the timing of it -- and was able to go to many different kinds of places in the span of 5 short days. This included music, music, and more music; a trip to the Bay of Pigs and Playa Giron; delicious food; horseback riding; a tour of a place where tobacco is grown and processed for "tabacos puros"; Las Terrazas, complete with nature walk and an expert in the nature of the region; political discussions (there were many); a ride in a classic car through distinct neighborhoods of La Habana; exploration of a cave; a boat ride to a restored Taino village; practice in Spanish with a bilingual guide who helped me to improve my Spanish; and so much more. I think Cuba is in my blood - complete with the knowledge of its complicated relationship with the US and the many internal political debates and situations that arise. I would go back again in a heartbeat!"

- Navigator237243

"SPECTACULAR. My friend and I had a fabulous time during the 6 days that we were in Cuba! It was educational and culturally enriching, and we met some of the most warm and loving people. From our experience with our guide Zurdo and our drivers Frank and Alejandro I can emphatically state that the CTAG can be renamed Caring Travel Adventures Group.

We are both diabetic and once we expressed this to Zurdo he made sure that all our meals were prepared with that in mind and all our juices were natural with no added sugar. Being black travelers, we expressed how important it was for us to visit establishments that had black Cubans employed and our accommodations and dining were adjusted with that in mind.

Everything we did was a highlight, from walking in old Havana, attending the Afro Cuban show, learning Salsa, having a private cooking class of delicious Cuban dinner by 2 of the most welcoming and engaging ladies, learning about tobacco, the production of cigar and smoking a Cuban cigar in Vinales was amazing. Hiking at 5am to see the sunrise over the hills of the Acuaticos people, driving in a classic Chevrolet Impala with Mario was super fun. The Cuban coffee was strong and delicious, but I missed my Americano coffee. Our tour guide and drivers made our trip all the more enjoyable and adventurous! They were knowledgeable and great conversationalists.

They were on time, available, easygoing, and flexible, and we had nothing to worry about. Whatever our concerns, it was addressed and if we needed to adjust the itinerary it was done.

Thank you Zurdo for answering our questions and addressing our concerns. Thanks for your patience and welcoming personality. This was one trip where I was in a foreign land but I felt welcomed like a long lost family member. Through this experience I am planning and looking forward to my next Cuban adventure. Keep up the great work Zurdo, Alejandro and Frank. Until we meet again."

- Ann-Marie M.

"Our trip of 3 couples to Cuba with CTAG exceeded my expectations! First of all, the choices for our intinerary were amazing and so numerous that we had to really prioritize. Second, once we got to Cuba (which was so much easier than I ever thought) our tour guide Alpi and all of his team was absolutely amazing! Not only was he fun, but was so passionate and knowledgable about everything from Cuban history, politics, religion art and architecture and more! We stayed at incredible "inns" that were like beautiful homes (one in a neighborhood with a pool and one right in old Havana) and this enabled the group to interact together when we had moments of down time! Finally, we just did some of the most amazing activities (cooking class, bike tour, zip line, beach trip etc) and I was amazed at the natural beauty of Cuba (the limestone mountains in Vinales etc) and the richness of the culture and warmth of the Cuban people we met. We danced in both the community and at the Buena Vista Social Club. I want to go back, as I feel like we just scratched the surface of all Cuba has to offer."

- Amy S.

"I want to give a huge shout out to the entire CTAG team, especially Cary, Manny and Alpi, for a truly fantastic and seamless trip from beginning to end. Because of CTAGs expertise and organization, we were able to experience Cuba, a fabulous, interesting and beautiful country full of warm, smart and friendly people. Highlights included: visiting Havana's Jewish synagogue, cooking and mojito making class with a local chef, learning about the Cuban economy and politics with a university professor, seeing the incredible mosaic art in Fusterlandia, visiting a tobacco plantation, and experiencing the beautiful landscape, caves and countryside of Vinales valley. None of this would have happened without CTAG's amazing "on the ground" superhero - our Cuban guide Alpi! All in all it was a terrific, unforgettable trip."

- Dinny S,

"I cannot recommend CTAG more highly. They were simply outstanding in every aspect of our trip to Cuba. Our guide was exceptional...and A+++, the lodgings were beautiful, the food was great, and the sites that they took us to were once in a lifetime type of experiences. We will be going back to Cuba with CTAG. They just completely blew away all expectations."

- Asbed S.

December 2023


"I have traveled many places alone and been fine and enjoyed myself but tried to do so in Havana and was not even able to happily make it there one day without CTAG. At first glance pricey, but my experience wouldn’t have been so good without them so using their service was well worth it."

- Safari593948


"One of the best trips I took. We were 2 older couples with our guide and a driver. The 9-days trip was orginized by CTAG, run by Manny and Cary. They all did more that expected to make our trip a success. Travelling to Cuba is not a simple matter. Many things can go wrong. With us it was a 2-days epizode of a stomach virus. Our guide did everything possible to make our time in Cuba and interesting and pleasant one. He was very knowledgeable about Cuba's history. There was plenty of food and drink. Plenty of time to rest and enjoy the wonderful art.. I can go on and on, but in short almost all aspects of the trip were run professionally by Manny and Cary and "Yossi" the guide. I would recommend CTGA to anyone planning to go to this special country."

- Moshe Tamir

"The trip was great. Interesting. Our guide and driver were excellent. Food and people were wonderful. CTAG arranged everything. 5 star."

- Rich I.

"I traveled in Nov/Dec. 2023 and had a blast. I found this company at a travel show at the NY Javits Center so I took a chance having no experience with them.Everything was booked at the last minutes, other then a slight confusion of where to meet in Havana, I had a blast. The team stuck to the itinerary and was able to accommodate additional requests. My tour guide, Yosvany, was great in visiting 4 cities. It felt super safe, did all I wanted to do in Cuba. I would highly recommend. I definitely plan to return to see the beaches in their off season."

- Khurram

November 2023

"Great group to work with Manny and Cary really put together some great highlights with thre local people. My guide Brayan and driver Sergei became my family for a week and life long friends. Brayan signed up for " 100 million learners "with my Grad school Thunderbird. We are a global management school and are offering five free courses to everyone which can be used toward a degree/ The cultural content of this trip were so good. From salsa lessons to jazz shows to art installations and the sights smells and sounds of Cuba. I stayed in a hotel the first two nights but the casa particulares are where you see and breathe the culture customs and more. Also i worked hard on my Spanish and Brayan and Sergei were extremely patient and helpful."

- Tom P.

"AMAZING!!! Yes, my three girlfriends and I had a fabulous time during the 8 days that we were in Cuba! It was educational and culturally enriching, and met some of the most warm and lovely people. Despite our jam-packed itinerary (of our own doing), everything we did was a highlight, from walking in old Havana, listening to jazz, going to a show, participating in a Salsa class, meeting and speaking with a cardiologist and an ecologist (very educational), having a freshly cooked and delicious seafood lunch meal in a private home was also a lovely experience, smoking a Cuban cigar in Vinales then horseback riding and speaking to the locals was just grand, going to the beach and staying in " casas particulares" drinking Cuban coffee, espresso, every morning and much much more truly made this trip remarkable. However, Yosvany, our tour guide and Yosmel, our driver, both made our trip all the more enjoyable and adventurous! They are truly gems and are now our friends.

They were on time, on target, available, easygoing, Very knowledgeable, and flexible, and we had nothing to worry about, or at least it felt that way ---THANK YOU! THANK YOU, Yosvany and Yosmel! Thank you for answering our questions, keeping it real, and for your patience. Last but not least, we "baptized" Yosmel's car, "Lupita," for safely taking us "all over Cuba"; she needed a name, and Yosmel permitted us to name her : ) until we meet again and soon!"

- Virginia C.

October 2023


"Had a great time and experience with CTAG! Bea & Alpi took great care of my mom, sister, and I while on our itinerary in Cuba. Very professional and caring company, we'll be back next year!"

- Warren G.

September 2023


"When a dive buddy suggested a weeklong diving trip to Cuba I knew I had to take the opportunity to spend some extra time seeing this interesting country. Of several tour options I contacted CTAG was by far the friendliest, most responsive and most flexible.

We wanted to see more than just Havana, so we scheduled a week working our way down the island, then sending Jan home and me to the dive boat. CTAG was fantastic all around - from initially planning the itinerary to actual trip. Our guide, Neus, and driver, Noel, were superb and quickly seemed like family. We had wonderful experiences in Havana, Vinales, Cinefuegos and Trinidad - and places in-between. When weather or the limits of two aging travelers required a change, Neus and Noel adapted. We were never rushed but our days were full - when we happened upon a high-school dance troupe practicing, we watched two complete routines. CTAG arranged accommodations that were very comfortable -- we're used to spartan rooms and cold water when we go to Guatemala - CTAG put us in fabulous homes.

Cuba is an interesting country - currency and banking regulations would make independent travel difficult. I highly recommend working with an experienced tour operator and CTAG is absolutely the best!"

- Frank A.

"I won’t repeat ... except to say the trip was fantastic. There are many places in the world that we still want to see, but if we can get back to Cuba (I hope) we’ll be in touch. Absolute planned highlight of the trip was preparing lunch with Adis Diez (Cuba’s Chef). Unplanned highlight was the high school dance practice in Cienfuegos.  I wish we could spend a day with Camilo (econ professor – I may have misspelled his name) rather than just an evening. It was a fascinating discussion.

There’s almost nothing I can say by way of improving the experience. The estimate of spending money was high, but it’s better to have dollars left over and I know it’s hard to predict how much someone will be spending. (I shouldn’t complain about that – I came back with much more of my money than I expected!). We would have been very comfortable in less sumptuous accommodations (although I really shouldn’t complain about being pampered) – only thing I wish we could have changed was to let the cooks know to prepare less for breakfast. We really hate to leave food untouched; they always brought enough to feed six.

Only other thing is that I would have liked to know more about where and how to deliver gifts and donations. Again, it’s probably just not possible to be specific. In any event, Neus was very helpful in guiding us and spreading out our donations during the week. I wish we could have done more.


Thank you both for making this such a wonderful and educational experience."

- Frank and Jan

"Wow, what a great time in Havana!  I have to go back when I can to be able to enjoy even more time. I was able to fly in for 24 hours before embarking on a 7-day dive trip to Jucaro , Cuba.  CTAG is a great company, and they took care of everything for me, and my personal tour guide Yosvany is awesome, a gracious and knowledgeable host as well as the others who I encountered. Thank you CTAG(Cuba Travel Adventures Group)."

- Mwami K.

April 2023

"Our custom trip went beyond the notable sites into the world of Cuba from Havana to Vinales. Our guide Neus and driver Osmel provided an exceptional window into the world of the warmth of the people, their vibrant culture, daily lives and overall resiliance. We meet with a univeristy professor, self-sustaing farmer, Santeria spiritual leader and naturalist and each involved open and candid conversations. Our guide Neus brought a depth of knowledge, engaging style and humor that made our trip and experience truly memorable. One of our best trips ever!"

- Peggy M

"What an amazing time. Exceeded my expectations!! Betty my tour guide became my new best friend. Very knowledgeable, fun and free spirited. I loved the fact that meals were taken care of, didn't have to worry where or when to eat. All activities were well planned and organized. Not 1 minute left spent wondering what to do next. I definitely recommend this company."

- Lauren V.

"Recently I returned from a 5-day trip to Cuba organized and led by CTAG. This was an incredible journey that I have wanted to do for many years. After some careful investigation on the companies that could assist me with this, I chose CTAG. Cary guided me through all that was required and organized all aspects of the trip, including flights, accommodations, tours, visits, currency exchange and the visa. This is critical for an American to visit Cuba and comply with each country's rules and regulations. Upon arriving in Havana and departing the airport I met Zurdo Villalba, my tour guide for the entire visit. He's a tour guide by day, and a Salsa dance instructor by night. Zurdo is "Mr. Cuba"! Zurdo, a native of Havana, knows everything about Cuba, including the good and not so good. His honest and detailed introduction to Cuba and its lifestyle was "eye opening" and inspiring for me. We discussed Cuba's history, culture, personal attitudes. architecture, sites, art, cigars, rum and more, for hours over the 5 days. I met some locals, discussed politics and culture with a professor, took cooking lessons, drove in a 1950's chevy convertible, visited the hotels of the Mob, saw famous musical shows, visited Hemingway's favorite spots, brought OTC meds from the US to a local church, and absorbed much of the essence of Cuba and what it means to be a native Cuban. America has a very unique relationship with Cuba, both good and bad, that goes back hundreds of years. This relationship needs to be improved and a visit to Cuba with CTAG is the place to start. Stay at Charcon 160, run by Tanya and Dimara, you won't be disappointed! And don't forget to ask Zurdo for a salsa lesson."


-  Robert P.

March 2023

"John and I wanted to join in the feedback offered by Sue and Steve. This truly was a trip of a lifetime. As Sue has mentioned, Bea and Yassir could not have been more perfect hosts for us. Their warmth, knowledge of Cuba and ability to get everything "taken care of", was superb. Bea's knowledge of Cuba's history, and willingness to share so openly and objectively was incredible. The itinerary that you all proposed was perfect, and combined with the ability to be flexible and adjust as needed and/or desired made for the ideal experience. The lodging and food were fabulous as well. All were such wonderful hosts!


I think I speak for all of us in saying we are all "revelling" in the experience. John was so pleased to be able to experience the music and interact first-hand with musicians throughout the week. We have already been talking about how we could return and immerse even more fully in the culture.

As you well know, the warmth of the Cuban people is phenomenal. After three years of waiting, we are deeply grateful to you for honoring the investment and previous planning  for the trip that we were finally able to achieve. Thank you so very much for providing this experience. " 


Best regards

- Susie and John

"I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that your team here is knocking it out of the park!  We are having the best time and learning so much. Beatriz is simply outstanding and totally delightful!  She has made this trip  the best imaginable. She has worked tirelessly to make sure that plans go smoothly, and when things have changed that are out of her control, she has adjusted and worked hard to make fun new plans. She has also given us great counsel to help us make good new choices. We have greatly enjoyed the living situations, the delicious meals, fabulous views from the restaurants, historical events, music and, today, our fascinating lunch with Professor Camilo. We could have talked with him for many more hours.

Our driver, Yasser is also exceptional. He has a great sense of humor, is always ready to offer a helping hand and is a gifted driver in a very challenging driving environment.

We just love both Beatriz and Yasser! You and your team have met and exceeded our expectations at every turn. We are excited for the rest of our trip and are confident that it will be an outstanding and fun adventure and that we will continue to learn more about the wonderful Cuban people.

Thank you for all of your help in making this trip so magical and so smooth."

- Sue and Steve

"This was an absolutely wonderful trip. I expected to "see" many many beautiful beaches and classic cars. What I found instead was that Cuba is NOT about the things you "see" but about the people you meet. Our guide Emilio really let us into his life. For the time we spent with him he was like a member of our family. He was so knowledgeable and passionate about his job. We loved spending every minute we could with him. Emilio planned
"special events" to make things even better. He was so funny and by the time we left, we felt that we really knew him as a person...and we think of him as a FRIEND.

Danilo was our driver and though he didn't speak English, he still communicated with us and made us laugh and just enjoy our trip. Though the traffic in Havana can be hectic and the roads in Cuba are not what we were used to, we always felt safe and knew that we were in good hands.

CTAG had everything planned for us. They planned for us to visit important sites as well as visit rarely seen places. We had meals in peoples homes as well as beautiful restaurants. We never felt unsafe and the accommodations were better than we thought they would be. The PEOPLE of Cuba are amazing with incredible hearts."

- Steve G.

"From start to finish, this was an amazing and carefree trip! I highly recommend CTAG for your travels to Cuba!
Our guide, Nathaly, was incredible. She was so knowledgeable, we learned so much from her about Cuba and the City of Havana. Noel, our personal driver, was a sweetheart and was always there to pick us up.
If you're considering a trip to Cuba, CTAG should be the group you travel with!"

- Teri S.

"First off, let me say that the trip was the most memorable trip of my life and fullfilled a lifelong wish. Everything about the trip was great from the accomodations to the guide, Yosvani and driver Danilo.  A great pair. Staying with Reynaldo was the highlight except for meeting my family.  His place was first class, the meals were the best i had on the island Going through some of his archive was priceless as was talking to him about Cuba in general and getting his historical tour of San Juan Hill.
The guide took us averywhere we could possibly want to go and to the unexpected places that made the trip even better like Trinidad and Vinales. Getting the Jazz festival passes turned out to be worth the extra expense, especially for my older son, who used it more than me and my younger son and really enjoyed the access that the pass provided. What a trip!

Thank you and your team. Please give your folks in Cuba a hearty abrazo for me."

- Benjamin S.

"I wasn't sure what to expect when I planned a trip to Cuba with my daughter and son-in-law, but this trip with CTAG exceeded all our expectations. From the moment we landed in Havana and met our exceptional guide, Emilio and our driver, Danny, we knew we had made the right choice. There was not a single thing that we asked Emilio that he was either not able to answer in great detail or accommodate any request we made. He is a wealth of knowledge. In addition to being extremely well educated and also funny he knows everyone, everywhere! After a visit to a tobacco farm, I mentioned that my grandmother had worked in a cigar rolling factory when she came to America as a young teenager. The next day he had arranged a tour of the cigar factory! When he found out my 81st birthday was during the trip he somehow managed for the lady that ran the B&B where we were staying that night to get a giant birthday cake-no easy feat! At one point we were driving, and he stopped the car and went up to a house he had noticed in the middle of nowhere. After speaking with the elderly woman who lived there with her family, we were invited in to see how most Cubans life. Even though it was obvious they had nothing, we were offered coffee. We came away with a true understanding of the history of this beautiful country and a deep appreciation for its people who are always happy, smiling and helpful. This was indeed a trip I will never forget."

-  Hedy G.


February 2023

"We had an amazing trip and highly recommend CTAG!  I was initially also hesitant to use a ‘tour’ but after speaking with Manny and Cary, I had full trust in them planning our trip with their decades of experience.  I always wanted to bring my four children age 7, 10, 15, and 16 after having visited Cuba myself twenty years ago.  CTAG curated one of the most memorable and meaningful trips for my entire family.  The trip was ‘luxury’ in terms of service and the network of people involved in coordinating activities and visits. 

Every meal daily was wonderful—we loved the farm to table lunch overlooking Vinales Valley! The dinners at paladares were beyond lovely and food was superb; my husband and I felt like we were on a culinary tour on the Travel Channel as each was carefully chosen for both quality and setting! Having run a family restaurant business in NYC, the standards for quality of food and service within beautiful atmospheres, were just impressive.

We were at first intimidated by the ambitious itinerary.  But once we arrived, we could tell that Manny and Cary not only truly listened to our interests/goals but really had a sense of our family without ever meeting us in person.  They prepared everything that typically could waste time during our typical independent travels…changing money, coordinating transportation, locating restaurants.  For a working mother of four,  this was a true vacation compared to our other family trips overseas.   All accommodations were both spacious and good location.  There was not a single detail they left out or did not try to prepare in advance. 

The very best part of our trip and what made it the most special was our guide Alpi!

Our four kids have probably never agreed on anything but we all can say Alpi was THE BEST! He made this such a meaningful trip for our family with his knowledge of Cuban history and perspectives of current culture.  His honesty, sincerity, friendliness, and humor made us laugh the entire trip.  The previous reviews are correct, how often can you get your teenagers to be off their cell phones for 8 days?!  We were all mesmerized by Alpi’s talented background and creativity.  Too many activities to list here and we thank each of the local network of guides who shared their unique expertise and love of Cuba-- our sunrise hike over Vinales, horseback riding, Las Terrazas community, Havana professor, salsa class, cooking lesson, Bay of Pigs, seeing rare bee hummingbirds, vintage car ride.  The closest thing to summarize above is that It felt like staying with a local friend you haven’t seen in years showing you around some of his favorite spots.  It never felt like a ‘tour’.  Alpi and our driver cared for us like family the entire trip!  Alpi adjusted times as needed, like squeezing in our 8 mile runs on the Malecon during sunrise or sunset.  Never will I probably see four kids, especially  two teenagers that are ‘too cool for hugs’, give the biggest unsolicited hugs to Alpi at the airport!

There were too many small priceless moments, not on the planned itinerary, that made the trip beyond meaningful.   Manny and Alpi also went out of their way last minute to organize a visit to the local synagogue in Havana and participate in a community service project with church  members in the town of Jovellanos.  We were welcomed by three families into their local homes with genetic conditions and various disabilities.  As two physician parents, we were touched by these opportunities to meet local families with multiple health challenges and for our children to see firsthand faith based organizations/members of the community helping others through their time and support.

Only downside of the trip was we had too little time…another week would have been perfect! The trip was just incredible in every meticulous detail planned around our interests and accommodating the various needs of our large family.  We are grateful for CTAG’s experience and extensive local network of experts! We will save other areas of Cuba for our Part II trip with CTAG!"

- L. and J. Cohen

"CTAG provided an exceptional and unique experience of the complexity of Cuba.  Our amazing guide, Yosvany, shared his personal beliefs and extensive knowledge about the country, its history, politics, and culture while being open to never-ending questions and ongoing conversations that left us truly transformed. Going to Cuba was a true adventure, interacting with dancers, cooks, a Cuban diplomat, an expert in Santeria, cigar rollers, and synagogue leaders, helped us get different viewpoints on this incredible island, all while having a ton of fun and adventurous spirit. As a couple that travels frequently on our own, we are so grateful we decided to go with CTAG - we could never have had such a meaningful experience without CTAG and Yosvany."

- Julie F.


"Dear Manny – it was a great trip. Brian was a wonderful guide and our two drivers Frank and Panchiito were tremendous. Highlights were the two side trips to Vinales and Cienfuegos, my visit to the Hemingway Harbor international yacht club and becoming a member of the yacht club after extensive visits with the Commodore, the trip to the Hemingway estate, and the Bueno Vista social club night. I did extensive swimming both in the Atlantic and Caribbean and Brian arranged a total of five outstanding massages for me. Where I stayed at 160 Chacon was first-rate. A day before I left we found the only gym in Havana it was too late to use – Brian now has it in the possibility list for future trips. Do whatever you can to keep Brian on board – truly exceptional. Finally, you and your staff were tremendous in setting up the whole trip. The only snag was a mess at the Miami Airport resulting in my getting home Saturday morning at 2 AM. A small price to pay for an otherwise extraordinary experience. Hope to go again at a future date and will certainly be using you guys. 


P.S. – Will be working with the Commodore at the Hemingway yacht club and the Commodore the Chicago yacht club I belong to hopefully restart in 2025 the sailboat race from St. Petersburg Florida to Havana harbor which was suspended in 2016 for political reasons and has not yet begun again." 


- James Cavangh., Chicago, IL

"One of the best vacations ever, on the expensive end due to deluxe inns and best restaurants included; also with all the dedicated time from our guide and driver for the entire 8 days, it was so worth it!!! Zurdo and Noel were a delight, and so informative of the sights and culture and history of Cuba; really came away with a hunger to know more about Cuba, and have read several books on my return. We had a packed schedule from a menu of things to do over the entire country. Would love to go back, and tour more things on a slower pace and take in more dancing. Always felt safe and secure; Zurdo and Noel gave us two ladies their utmost care. Every local we met was so personable and kind. So impressed with CTAG. It would be hard to do this kind of visit on your own; understand Spanish, but not the street version!! Took many photos, that I enjoy showing to friends, and reliving the experience. Cuba forever has a piece of my heart....."


"Our family has travelled all over the world and were tempted to try Cuba on our own.  We are SOOOO pleased that we didn't.  Manny and his team are top notch and made our trip very special.  Socially, Culturally, Historically, and Politically educating experience full of fun!  Thank you to the whole team including Alpi .  You have to use this team if you want to fully experience Cuba.  You could get around Havana on your own, but you will waste your time trying to see all the important sites and not get the benefit of a knowledgeable, Cuban guide.  We stayed in great penthouses, bed and breakfasts, and eco sites we could have never seen on our own.  Public transportation is not a thing outside of Havana.  If you are considering your first trip to Cuba, call Manny and his team!  Great people, excellent service, and now new friends.  We will be back.  On a side note, if you have kids, don't get the card for your cell phone.  At our last dinner in Cuba, our family all agreed that one of the best parts of our trip was to be unconnected to social media.  This comes from our 19 and 13 year old!  Highly recommended, FIVE STAR SERVICE!  Thanks to the whole team."
- Jeff S.



January 2023

"We visited Cuba through CTAG for seven days staying at four different Air B and Bs. In each case the locations were central to the city and our hosts were accommodating given the limited availability of amenities in Cuba. We were fortunate to have the services of an excellent English speaking guide (Yosvany) and driver (Osmel) who were open and honest about the Cuban economy, politics and infrastructure. We especially enjoyed the 1950s cars in Havana and loved our drive through old Havana seeing the architecture and beautiful old buildings. While it was a long drive to Trinidad, it was architecturally amazing. We visited a synagogue and were able to provide gifts of medical supplies for those that were less fortunate. We made a stop on the way to Cienfuegos to see Humming Bees (unique to Cuba). This was truly an all inclusive trip with breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday! A special highlight of the trip was visiting the Hemingway farm where we saw his home that hosted family members of one of our party in the late 1950s."


"We really enjoyed Cuba, a beautiful, safe, enchanting place, especially in the hands of CTAG. Our guide Alpi was thoughtful, intelligent, witty and extremely accommodating as he toured us around the western part of Cuba. I cannot imagine Cuba without him, as he loves his country but is honest and informative about its shortcomings.  Our accommodations, driver, Jules, and the people who assisted us were so impressive. The excursions, walking tour of Havana, bars, restaurants, salsa classes, farm visit, tobacco region visit....on and on. It would be difficult to duplicate on your own. Book with Manny and his wife Carrie and all will taken care of. It will not feel like a tour, but like visiting a friend in Cuba that wants to show you around."

- Liz T.

"I recently returned from a 4-day 3-night trip to Havana. I was apprehensive and a bit anxious, but this trip exceeded every expectation. The Cuban people I met were friendly, kind, and helpful in every possible way. My guide Nathaly and driver Serge were experts. Nathaly's knowledge of everything from art to architecture to music to literature to politics and everything in between was truly astounding. I was so lucky to be paired with such a delightful, smart person every day. I cannot imagine trying to navigate the red tape and logistics of Cuba by myself, even though I've been planning my own trips and traveling alone for decades. CTAG was A+. You might even say BUENO."

- 820_Paula

"If you are looking for a off the beaten track travel experience, I highly recommend using CTAG for a trip to Cuba. We were a family of ten, ages 10-70. Everyone had a great time. The tour was well organized. The guide and driver were a delight. The music was wonderful. The meals were delicious. Considering that Cuba is a third world country, we felt comfortable throughout the trip, and at the same time had a great educational experience."

- akk811

"We really enjoyed Cuba, a beautiful, safe, enchanting place, especially in the hands of CTAG. Our guide Alpi was thoughtful, intelligent, witty and extremely accommodating as he toured us around the western part of Cuba. I cannot imagine Cuba without him, as he loves his country but is honest and informative about its shortcomings.  Our accommodations, driver, Jules, and the people who assisted us were so impressive. The excursions, walking tour of Havana, bars, restaurants, salsa classes, farm visit, tobacco region visit....on and on. It would be difficult to duplicate on your own. Book with Manny and his wife Carrie and all will taken care of. It will not feel like a tour, but like visiting a friend in Cuba that wants to show you around."

- Liz T.

December 2022

"Our family has travelled all over the world and were tempted to try Cuba on our own. We are SOOOO pleased that we didn’t. Manny and his team are top notch and made our trip very special. Socially, Culturally, Historically, and Politically educating experience full of fun! Thank you to the whole team including Alpi 😊. You have to use this team if you want to fully experience Cuba. You could get around Havana on your own, but you will waste your time trying to see all the important sites and not get the benefit of a knowledgeable, Cuban guide. We stayed in great penthouses, bed and breakfasts, and eco sites we could have never seen on our own. Public transportation is not a thing outside of Havana. If you are considering your first trip to Cuba, call Manny and his team! Great people, excellent service, and now new friends. We will be back. On a side note, if you have kids, don’t get the card for your cell phone. At our last dinner in Cuba, our family all agreed that one of the best parts of our trip was to be unconnected to social media. This comes from our 19 and 13 year old! Highly recommended, FIVE STAR SERVICE! Thanks to the whole team."
- Jeff S.

"From the moment we landed in Cuba to our departure, CTAG delivered on their promise each single time. We had a driver and a guide assigned to us: both were friendly and knowledgeable. We stayed in Cuba for six days and we realize now that without the help from CTAG it would have not been possible. Why? You need to know where to go in advance, make reservations and get to your destination. Their guidance and coordination was impeccable. We are truly grateful for CTAG for their knowledgeable team and for having made our first trip to Cuba a memorable one!

- majos

"My wife and I were in Cuba for 12 days in December, 2022 with Cuba Travel and Adventures Group. Cary and Manny were very efficient and responded promptly to every email. Cary arranged our visas right away. It is a good service instead of getting the visa on your own at the gate.

Before mentioning the activities, I want to talk about our guide and driver. Yosvani is a fantastic guide. He speaks perfect English and was extremely kind and patient with my wife Jane who has very limited mobility. He always tried to find casas (our hotels) and restaurants with the least amount of steps. He and the driver lifted my wife up and down in a chair on 3 occasions where there were too many steps without a handrail.

Yosvani is a fountain of information on Cuban culture and history. I speak Spanish and spoke constantly with him in Spanish. For those who do not speak Spanish, Yosvani also speaks English all the time and was equally informative in both languages. I cannot say enough how wonderful he was. He and the driver were always ahead of time to pick us up.

The driver was Noel. Noel speaks some English and also French. He knows the jobs of driver and guide because he is a guide for French groups as well as a driver for CTAG with English-speaking groups. He is a very careful, courteous driver. He also helped Yosvani lifting my wife in the chair. Most drivers do not speak much but Noel was also a great source of information. He is kind and fun to be with. I cannot say enough about how wonderful Noel and Yosvani are.

Regarding what we saw, there are so many highlights. We loved the show at the Buena Vista Club. There is an opening act of the string quintet followed by great music. There is dinner and a show and both were excellent.

We had a cooking class in a restaurant. We first went to the garden where a lot of the vegetables are grown and then prepared our own fish and shredded beef as well as mojito drinks. Our hostess there was Anita. She spoke great English and was wonderful. The whole experience was fantastic. The soup called ajiaco was followed by the fish and shredded beef. it was one of our best meals although all the meals were really tasty.

We ate lunch at the house of Sulema in the Bay of Pigs area. Make sure to include this on your itinerary. The seafood with crabs, shrimp, lobster and other fish and seafood was one of the best meals I have ever tasted. I know good food because I cook quite a bit myself. Sulema is a delightful hostess and provided an unforgettable experience.

We brought gifts to donate to the Cuban people. If you are up for it, it is great to bring some extra items in your suitcase or a spare bag or backpack. Anything you bring would be welcome. Cuba has a scarcity of everything. People stand on line for gas, food, medicine, and everything else. We brought medicine to the synagogue, where the rabbi's wife, Hannah, goes out with doctors to distribute the over the counter and prescription medicine.

We left items also at the Church of La Merced. As luck would have it. they were preparing to deliver items to Pinar del Rio, which was the part of Cuba most affected by the hurricane this fall.

We loved the Museum of Bellas Artes. Yosvani knows so much about art and was able to explain so much to us. They also have a wheelchair. This was great because my wife was able to see the entire museum.
A trip to Cuba would not be complete without a ride in one of the classic cars. We were in a 1950 Buick. We ended up at the Hotel Nacional for a drink overlooking the ocean.

Our casas were we stayed were all good. The casa in Havana called Hostal Porteria was great. The room was large with great lights, bathroom, shower, and air conditioning. The breakfast and service with Norvi were also wonderful. I highly recommend this casa.
We again thank Manny and Cary of CTAG for a thoroughly enjoyable trip."
- Kevin & Jane O'Brien


November 2022


"Good morning Manny and Cary,


Just wanted to let you know our thoughts on our trip to Cuba. 


We found every aspect of the trip from start to finish to be every bit as wonderful as we had hoped. We really enjoyed Fernando our guide, and our driver Noel. They were perfect in their roles. Noel was a very safe and thoughtful driver and navigated us around perfectly. Fernando was interesting and fun to talk to. He was very engaging and knowledgeable on many topics. I also really enjoyed Alpi and he seems to know everyone, and everyone knows him. You have a great team there. ****


We completely enjoyed all the events set up for us. My wife loved the dancing class, the cooking class and meeting the artist (I don't remember his name now but he and Jacqueline really hit it off. They are communicating thru social media). Our dinner with the political science guy (sorry I am terrible remembering names) was great as well. He was engaging and interesting and we had a great time with him. They were all really perfect. 


We also really enjoyed the trip out to Vinales and happy we made the choice to go. The lady that ran the place where we stayed was wonderful, as was the everything about Vinales and the things we did there. Fernando and Noel did a good job getting us around and seeing as much as possible. 


I could go on but you get the idea. You guys set us up with a perfect trip to Cuba and we came away with awesome memories of every aspect.... ****


We have already recommended your company as the only way to go if you want to see Cuba. Thank you guys for setting us up with a wonderful trip.


Alex and Jacqueline Groswird

June 2022

"Oh it was an incredible experience.  It's unlike any other trip we've taken or experience we've had.  Every trip I've taken has left an impression, but none has kept me thinking quite this much.  I've been asked many times now "how was Cuba?" and my response is always "how much time do you have?"... and then after my recap of the highlights, the conversation turns to larger political, economic, and social questions.  One colleague (whose daughter is a year younger than Harry, but remarkably mature) even asked me if I could share more about the experience with her and her friends.  I think Cuba is a mystery for most people, at least in this part of the country, and it was - and in many ways, still is - for me... still processing, still thinking about it.  For my just-turned-16-yr-old son, who just took the AP US History exam... his first day was spent lamenting the social activities he was missing back home, and his last last day was spent hanging on Milena's every word.

On that note, I cannot say enough about Milena.  She is absolutely amazing.  Not just her knowledge and insights, or even her patience and flexibility, but her sincerity, kindness, and emotional intelligence (she read us both like a book, and that made her an exceptional guide for a custom trip, particularly for two Midwesterners who've been raised to never ask for anything lest we come across as demanding or entitled or ungrateful!).  But Milena 100% made the experience for us.  In fact, we encountered some others from the US who clearly had no guide (let alone Milena), as well as some Belgians traveling on their own, and after speaking to them, all I could think was how much less they were getting from their experience, not having her with them.  The value of our experience in Cuba is as much what we saw/heard/tasted/smelled/touched as what we learned  - and learned to appreciate - because of Milena.  And on top of that, she was so great at cluing us in on the little social subtleties that only a local might catch... being a foreigner is always a little awkward, but I really felt like I had an advocate who wanted to make the experience not just good, but authentic and real... so we weren't outsiders just looking in, but engaged learners and truly friends, there to not just support, but to understand, enjoy, and grow our respect for the Cuban people we met.  Milena was that bridge for us.  She really is a gem.  We connected with her, and I hope to stay in contact with her and someday see her again.  She's just truly so special.

*** In fact, Vinales/Pinar del Rio was easily the highlight for me personally, and part of the reason for that is that we got to dine a couple of times with Milena and Fausto ***.


And again *** thank you for arranging an incredible experience...

K.R. Bismark, ND

I have to say, this was without a doubt, the best planned trip I have ever taken.  CTAG has THE MOST AMAZING staff, from the group here in the United States to the Guides and Drivers in Cuba.  Every aspect of this 6 day trip was well thought out and executed.  The group in the US were amazing as we worked through planning the trip.  Once we arrived in Havana, the guide, Yosvany, met us at the airport and went above and beyond anything I could have expected.  He was knowledgeable, super friendly, and took care of us from morning to night.  Noel our driver was also amazing.  There is not one thing I could think of that they could have improved on.  I definitely recommend this company 1000% percent!!!!

Mike C.

I wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much Wendy and I enjoyed our trip to Cuba.  Everything was fantastic.  The day of Wendy's birthday was specifically great.  She had a great day that was more than I could have hoped for.


Alex is a fantastic guide.  There is nothing more I could say than he is fantastic.  The itinerary was great and we will definitely be back for a longer visit in the future.


The lodging was awesome.  I understand that our stay was the first from your group.  Definitely keep using these guys.  The accommodation itself was better than the hotel I stayed in in Miami coming and going and the family that owns it are super.  


We feel very fortunate that we found you guys before trying to do this trip on our own (which is our usual habit).  It's very obvious when you are on the ground there that you need a knowledgeable guide to get the most out of the experience.

Jack B. 

Going to Cuba was a trip we didn't think we could take on our own until we came across Cuban Travel Adventures. From the beginning of our 10 day trip until our departure we had such enthusiastic interest, tons of options and information that made the trip so enjoyable. Our guides and hosts were appreciative, generous and the many adventures, experiences and interactions we had were enriched because of them. We LOVED Cuba - the people, food, culture, landscape and history were all amazing and new to us. Melina, Fausto, Alpi, Manny (and others behind the scene) made it a truly remarkable life changing trip.

Mr. Archie J. B.

May 2022

Looking back on our weeklong trip to Cuba, I can't think of anything that could have gone better. From working out the initial arrangements for our group of 8, to making the most of our final night in Havana with a epic rooftop party featuring our personal chef and jazz combo, Manny and his CTAG team really delivered. Our tour guide Melina and driver José went over and above to provide us with a nonstop parade of activities from morning to late night, and we felt as if we'd seen some sides of Cuba that a tourist in a fancy hotel or resort might not have experienced. We stayed in posadas, family-run B&Bs that were warm, friendly, and comfortable. And music! Everywhere! When you go over the list of available activities as you and Manny plan your trip, my advice would be to always default to the music.

Davey F.

We had a fun filled 5 night, 6 day trip to Cuba, in large part thanks to CTAG. We saw both Havana and Vinales. Without the planning and access of CTAG we would have seen only a fraction of what we actually were able to experience. Cary did an excellent job planning before our trip.....and on the ground in Cuba there were so many amazing hosts/guides/drivers we met along the way. Alpi was our main guide in Cuba and he is amazing!

While in Havana, one of the main highlights was a private cigar tasting. Fabrica de Arte Cubana was also so interesting and well done, don't miss that.

The country side of Vinales offered great access to locals, nature, and fresh food. I could have stayed more nights in Vinales, it is such a beautiful place. We went hiking, rock climbing, and horse backing riding. Endless things to do there.

Katie H

April 2022

Going to Cuba was a trip we didn't think we could take on our own until we came across Cuban Travel Adventures. From the beginning of our 10 day trip until our departure we had such enthusiastic interest, tons of options and information that made the trip so enjoyable. Our guides and hosts were appreciative, generous and the many adventures, experiences and interactions we had were enriched because of them. We LOVED Cuba - the people, food, culture, landscape and history were all amazing and new to us. Melina, Fausto, Alpi, Manny (and others behind the scene) made it a truly remarkable life changing trip.

Archie B.

Manny and Cary ,

Melinda and I wanted to express what a wonderful vacation we had!!  It was definitely one of our best!! We were totally impressed with Alpi and his vast knowledge with the entire Cuban history, political landscape and his handling of people. We definitely feel we have gained very good friend in Alpi. Also really enjoyed meeting Racheal. It’s obvious they are going to do very well.


We were also very impressed with how well done the accommodations were at every stop on our the itinerary. It really was great how you pre fit our itinerary to our desires and wishes. We are planning to go back for another visit in the future and will be contacting you for that trip. 

We have passed your contact info to 2 different friends that have been wanting to go to Cuba. 

Thank you again for all your efforts and attention to detail that made this an outstanding vacation!!!

Scott W

March 2022 the four of us wanted to go on a special scuba diving trip where we all hadn't been before and where we could book it in short notice. That's when we discovered CTAG who did everything for us down to the last detail ensuring everything we did was in compliance even while it shifted. From leaving California to Florida to Havana and all across Cuba and back, returning to our homes, we came back different people. That's how impactful our experience was and that's why we're highly recommending CTAG. They're all in to get you there and back but most importantly, they love the Cuban people and go to great extents to personalize your visit while remaining respectful to your guides and the people you meet. Do you want an extraordinary experience with extraordinary people during these extraordinary times? Please give Manny a call.

Terrisa D.

A group of coworkers and I agreed to plan a trip to Havana Cuba. We googled trip planners for Cuba and came upon CTAG. CTAG was the one for us. Although we started planning with a group, it ended up being only 2 of us going.  The planning was easy to set up through Manny the owner and he took almost eveything into consideration. By know means this is a cheap trip. If that is what your looking for, then go elsewhere. However, the trip included most of the things you would otherwise have to pay for excluding alcohol, gifts, snacks, etc. Even things like Visas and basic cab rides were included.

Upon a arrival our guide was there waiting outside in the parking lot. It actually was the guide and the manager (Josvani and Alpi). They were great throughout the entire stay. They gave us a quick history of the country as we drove to our place. We had a lovely 2 bedroom apartment owned and operated by a local couple downstairs. It was rooftop with a balcony so we can enjoy the air. It was very clean and well kept. Highly recommended! Oh and the owners were very nice and made fresh breakfast, juice, and coffee in the mornings of our choices.

Our itinerary was packed with things to do. We were on the go almost all the time. For older or less mobile people maybe build in a day of rest or some light days for relaxation if that's what you need or want. But many and the CTAG team makes sure your day will not dull. Josvani (guide) made sure we didn't want for water as they kept it in our assigned taxi. Our driver Falsto was great as well. CTAG makes sure that you have enough Cuban pesos upon arrival as the currency is ever changing and the U.S. dollar is much more desired.....but beware. Still the government discourages it. We ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily and we enjoyed them all. The margins of our itinerary were from the inner city of Havana's culture and people, to the mountains of Vinhales' tobacco farms, to the beautiful beaches on the outskirts of Havana! And all appeared to be rich in history and culture. If you want to really enjoy the people and culture of Cuba then book through CTAG. You won't regret it!

Mark H.

March 2022

An inside look at Cuba with private guide and homestays. It was thoughtfully and carefully orchestrated- I feel privileged to have experienced the resourcefulness and joy of the Cuban people we met- so much creativity with music (that band on the roof on the last night was epic), home artist tours, the magic woman chef who turned her home into a restaurant (and was so elated to receive some spices), the men tying sheets together to make a rope to pull a broken down car out of the street with a horse, the description of people who use Russian car parts and fix them so they fit the 1950s American cars, the person selling beer out of a cooler in his living room, the hummingbird man (and his lovely outdoor kitchen), a man holding four eggs between his fingers and lifting them up as an offering for a ride on the highway, the woman selling peanuts rolled up in old book pages, those older singers/performers at the Buena Vista Social Club who exuded JOY at being able to be back on stage, the guy who made a garden from plastic jugs just down from where we had the Mojito lessons (and his five year old son mimicking his behavior and weeding), old bathtubs made into art, fabulous graffiti, the women and their textile art (SO beautiful!), Brian the bicycle guy so enthusiastic to start his business again (he had a million dollar smile), the restaurant with the pigs across the canal who served the most fabulous sushi, the men with their fruit carts or stands, the talk with the very passionate political science professor,  making the perfect mojito and watching them overcook the lobster--but learning how to make a great sauce, understanding that slowing down and eating multiple courses over long periods of time can be enjoyable (especially if you love the people you are with). The talks about Santeria and Orishas. A kestrel that sat on my head and drinking cane juice.

February 2022


During the week between Christmas and New Year's, my husband, 22-year-old daughter and I took a fabulous trip to Cuba arranged by Manny Kopstein of Cuba Travel Adventures Group.

Manny's Cuba manager, Alpi, and daily guide, Milena, showed us so many faces of Cuba and had a wealth of knowledge about every place they took us and every experience we had.  They organized an incredible itinerary that ranged from Salsa lessons to visiting with a tobacco farmer to touring an orchid farm, seeing remarkable art, walking through all the interesting neighborhoods of Cuba, riding in a gorgeous 1950 Cadillac convertible, spending time in the area with plaques and armament from the Cuban missile crisis and so much more!


Manny placed us at our own lovely 3-bedroom 2-bath house with an eat in kitchen and delightful back patio.
Milena arrived each morning with a driver and an air-conditioned SUV, and took us everywhere, including to wonderful and interesting restaurants for lunch. We would return late afternoon to relax and read on the patio. Around 8pm Milena would come take us to dinner at more wonderful and interesting restaurants, waiting until we were finished, and take us home. Several evenings we enjoyed music after dinner, including on the rooftop deck of a very cool restaurant along the Malecon.

All meals were included in the tour price, which we found quite reasonable given the concierge treatment we received from the moment we saw Milena as we exited the airport until we hugged her goodbye a week later at the airport doors.

I highly recommend Manny and CTAG for a once-in-a-lifetime experience in Cuba.

Dorian B.


January 2021

Cuba travel group is not your ordinary travel experience, instead it allows you to explore and see Cuba to a whole new level. The agency caters your experience to your personal needs and wants to ensure you can make the most of your time there. My guide Alpi was not only one of the most genuine guides I have ever had, but became a close friend as I learned so much of his rich and interesting history as well as culture. This travel group makes sure your needs are constantly met and they will go way beyond your expectations to ensure you come home with the best memories and overall positive experiences. I felt so much more integrated into the culture by Cuba travel group placing me into a lovely apartment with an amazing family host. Although I was there during COVID-19, this agency still made sure I was able to do as much as possible with no questions asked, accommodating all my needs. I was even able to improve my Spanish as well as meet new amazing people. I plan on returning again with my family and would not want anyone else other than Alpi as my guide. He is awesome and I can't wait to see him soon. I'm so happy I went to Cuba and will not ever forget the amazing experiences I had, amazing food, and all the great people I met all made possible because of Cuba travel group! Already planning my next trip back soon!  

The Gerszten Family

April 2020

We considered going only to Havana, but decided to extend our trip to see other areas for a more complete experience. Caroline & Manny provided very helpful suggestions to craft the itinerary accordingly, and helped us to make changes even during the trip when it became necessary. Key points worth noting: their network of locals were friendly and very informative, activities each day can be decided the night before (in most cases), the accommodations in Havana (2 places, at each end of trip) were clean and well-located (private apt on upper floor, spacious apt in Tower apt building), good restaurant recommendations (the breakfasts and dinners were hearty, and we found we only needed a mid-day snack rather than a third full sit-down meal). Outside of Havana, we enjoyed day trip to Trinidad the most; Cienfuegos was a nice mid-size city but not as unique as Trinidad in our opinion. Consider a hotel if staying in Cienfuegos as noticed a few good options. The landscape around Vinales was worth seeing, and visiting the family-run tobacco farm was a highlight. We had a great time and would recommend Caroline and Manny to others planning a trip to Cuba!

James S.

March 2020

In Feb. 2020, my adult son and I legally went to Cuba for our 2nd time through CTAG (Tiburon Manny and Caroline). Our 1st time was in 2015. CTAG arranged that journey too. Both of our visits to this wonderful country were incredible. CTAG is professional all the way. Our itineraries were varied. We stayed in Havana and also sin towns outside of Havana. We stayed in private rooms within private residences of Cuban nationals and regularly ate their prepared breakfasts and learned greatly about Cuba by talking to the owners of the houses where we stayed. We also stayed in government owned Hotels i.e. National Hotel (the oldest and one of the grandest hotels in Havana right on the ocean--extremely Cuban) or Hotel Seville (more modern and right in the heart of Havana). CTAD arranged private drivers for us who showed us great locations and sites. We had a blast. A great father son journey. Make sure you go to the museum in Havana. Informative. Snorkeling in Trinidad was stunning. Saw the BV Social Club in Varadero. It was encouraged that in return for their love, we give something back to the Cubans, a wonderful culture of people, caught up in a political struggle, not really of their own doing. So, on both occasions we brought something with us to give. 1st trip: baseball bats and balls; 2nd trip: packages of uncooked beans. Our recipients were SO grateful. Felt even better to be a giver. If you go to Cuba you need to have CTAG "go" with you. You can't go wrong using CTAG.

Nathan J.

March 2020

We thought this would be a once in a lifetime trip but our 8 day personalized tour even surpassed our high expectations, enough that we're looking forward to returning someday. Manny and Caroline at CTA couldn't have been more helpful in customizing our itinerary to match our interests and needs. Our guide, Alpi, and driver, Francisco "Panchito", were a perfect team who were fun and knowledgeable; we felt well cared for. We loved staying with families and appreciated the many opportunities to converse and interact with the Cuban people. Highly recommended !

Powell Wyoming

January 2020


Unsure about going to Cuba? Well, wait no longer. Cuba Travel Adventure Group made our trip to Cuba meaningful and easy. They organized and customized our trip to our delight. The driver and guide assigned to us were terrific. We could not have asked for more. Cuba is a fascinating destination--place it on your bucket list and go with CTAG's help.


December 2019

Manny/Caroline - thanks so much for what I believe to be one of the most memorable trips ever.  Traci and I recently visited Dubai, Lisbon, Florence, Rome and London and this trip beats them all!  My daughters enjoyed going back to our roots as their grandparents are from La Habana and my grandmother spent the last years of her life in Pinar del Rio.  I felt like I was transported in a time machine with the old buildings, amazing antique cars and lack of internet connection.  Alpi was so helpful, with incredible insight of Cuban history, politics, culture and its landmarks.  He was extremely flexible with our schedule as we made “several adjustments” to the planned itinerary.  In fact, one of the more memorable highlights for me was a detour that we made on the way to Viñales.  I asked Alpi if he could take us to Pinar del Rio and he immediately proceeded to make plans to arrive.  We called my grandmother’s friends 5 minutes outside of their home and surprised with visits from “friends of the US”. It was a very emotional time reminiscing over the past 60 years about my family - priceless.  


Can’t beat that, but the family had an absolute ball learning how to dance salsa, getting to know Habana Vieja, driving around in a 1957 Ford Fairlane 500 and enjoying Varadero beach.  The food was phenomenal, especially at El Paraiso.  What a feast!  

The Llado Family

November 2019

Just got to Cali about 6 hours ago from Cuba.  I can’t say thank you enough.  It was one if the best trips I have ever taken.  The only thing wrong was I didn’t stay long enough.  The guide and the driver were wonderful.  Everyone was really.  They took good care of us.  Everything was planned well and our days were full. There was so much food at every meal. The cars. OMG.  I never knew.  I thought there would be about 100.  There were thousands. It was the trip of a lifetime.  Thanks again 

Christine R., Hawaii

June 2019


Hi Caroline, (I) want to tell you that we had an EXCELLENT time.  We learned so much, while feeling completely comfortable in our surroundings.  You and your company did a great job in setting our itinerary and then providing all the services to support it.  Can't thank you enough.

Olivia G., Texas

May 2019

The staff that took care of us, prior to travel and during were all fantastic. Thank you so much for everything!!

Tony D., New York

May 2019

I booked our overnight in Havana with Cuba Travel Adventures. We were picked up at the port because we came by ship. The driver and GUIDE were GREAT!! Loved our guide , he spoke perfect English and was so informative. After our second day we left like family. We stayed in a lovely apartment on the top with our own swimming pool. 
We had great seats at the nights performance at Tropicana and our guide was right there to take us back to our apartment for the night  The next day touring was so fun and returned back to the ship!


I highly recommend this travel company!

Cass S.

May 2019

If you are thinking about visiting Cuba- don't hesitate- just do it! My husband had voiced his desire to go to Cuba years ago. He finally contacted Manny Kopstein at Cuba Travel Adventures Group to discuss the details. We were able to customize our visit according to our likes, our expectations, and our priorities. He planned a once-in-a lifetime perfect vacation designed especially for the two of us. We didn't want to be part of a large bus tour so we decided on our preference of doing a personal tour. We had an excellent driver/guide, Ernesto, and a very personable knowledgeable guide, Ulises. We enjoyed the company of another guide for one of the excursions, Alpie who we had a blast with. They looked after us and took care of all our needs from the time we landed in Cuba until we (sadly) departed. They all surpassed our expectations! 

We were able to do as much or as little of the itinerary as we wanted. It was our call. They were all very informative but added humor to make it fun and enjoyable. We absolutely wouldn't have changed a single thing.

We left Cuba with a lifetime of beautiful and spectacular memories. The Cuban people are very friendly, delightfully helpful, non-aggressive, and we felt safe the entire trip. We went the first week in February of this year (2019) . The weather was fantastic the whole trip. Day time temperatures were comfortably warm and the nights only required a light sweater.

Go ahead and treat yourself to a dream vacation that you'll never forget, I know we won't! Call Manny or Caroline soon, you won't regret it. Create your own paradise vacation. Thanks Manny so much!

Ron and Debbie S.

March 2019

This was my first time traveling with Cuba Travel Adventures Group but it will not be my last. This was one of my best solo vacations ever. My Guide Alpi and my Driver Rebel, took real good care of me. I went to Havana to study with a Cuban Artist and to tour the city. I stayed 8 days in Old Havana in a lovely, quaint, immaculate apartment across the street from the bay. The sights, the shows, the tours, the meals, and the artist was top shelf. I studied with artist Felix Zoe Hermoso. He has exhibited world wide and I grew from my sessions with him. If you want a Different and Unique travel will not be disappointed using Cuba Travel Adventures. It's not your run of the mill tour group.

Leslye C.

March 2019

If you want to ride on a fancy bus and walk around with 50 people to standard tourist sites, this isn’t the company to travel with.  If you want to become friends with your guide and feel part of the family where you stay, this is the travel website for you.  Our week long private customized trip complied with US law but provided us with maximum flexibility to experience Cuba with the Cubans, to wander streets, to change our minds, to have serendipitous encounters, to come to better understand this island nation.  We felt like we were traveling with relatives on our trip and recommend Cuba Travel Adventure Group to you. 


The Sims Family, Iowa



February 2019

Everything about the Parque Central was 5-Star and greatly appreciated.   We visited three other high end hotels in the neighborhood and they didn’t appear to have any of the many lobby amenities of the Parque Central.  My gardener wife had a great time at the Finca Jesus learning a lot of innovative gardening tricks in their luscious garden and the cooking experience/lunch at the connected Ajiaco was a lot of fun.  The tour of the wonderful historic Obispo Street and Old Havana was excellent and the amazingly informative and charming Alpi was a highlight of the entire trip.  That night our dinner at the roof of the Paladar Nao became a real downpour as dessert approached and turned into the first tornado that Havana had ever experienced.  We saw the considerable ruins on the outskirts of Havana the next day and a couple days later a basketball sized meteor landed outside Havana.   You hadn’t needed to stage these!  We thoroughly enjoyed Fusterlandia, Museum of the Revolution, Finca Vigia, the Hotel Nacional, and Fabrca De Arte Cubano.   We substituted the Capitolio for a couple of the suggested venues and were completely impressed with the remodeled interior.  On our final night the Tropicana Nightclub Show was spectacular.




Walter and Dianelis, two lawyers from Santiago, assisted Cezar in showing us Havana.  Walter is a walking encyclopedia with a keen memory of an unbelievable number of things he has read or experienced even in Europe.  He studied in a small town in Germany that is only 10 miles from the even smaller town Ursula is from.  As Dean of his university of law it is tragic that he needs to seek additional work.  Doctors and lawyers apparently aren’t paid very much. However, as we’ve seemed to learn on this trip the only way to get ahead is to somehow get involved with the tourist industry or anything that allows tipping.   It’s a real shame that socialism has shut down all the industries as we saw around Havana and that apparently 80% of the foods are imported to the island.  With all the fertile fields, water, low wages, and conducive climate you would think Cuba would be exporting food goods.  When I first arrived in Cuba I thought that there must be some way for this economy to improve if it became friends with the USA but by the end of the trip it was very obvious that quantum leaps necessary to improve will require completely new leadership and could take many many years to right the ship.


We thoroughly enjoyed both Cezar and our driver Leinier.   For a couple days there was only the four of us in the car, we were developing a good friendship, and so we insisted that they eat with us.  Cezar finally gave in and agreed so this arrangement existed for the rest of the trip.  Cezar was a great guide and whenever we visited a site he was able to describe things very clearly.  Also, he was extremely punctual at picking us up from events he didn’t attend.  We highly recommend Cesar.   Leinier doesn’t speak much English but he always had a friendly smile, has a very quiet sincere personality,  and his driving was safe and comfortable.   

Bill and Ursula, San Francisco, CA

June 2018


Cuba Travel Adventures organized a ten-day research trip for professors from Davidson College. It was a remarkable experience, making it possible for us to meet Cuban academics, artists, and tobacco farmers, among others. We learned an incredible amount and also sang and danced and ate good food everyday. Our guides David, Daniel, and Ernesto did a superb job.


When subtropical storm Alberto left us stranded in Cienfuegos, they brought in salsa dancers to teach a class, then a local band to entertain us. It was the most memorable lemons-to-lemonade experience I've ever had. More than one tear was shed when we said good bye to them at the airport. I highly recommend CTAG. 


Margaret R. McCarthy
Professor of German

Chair, Department of German Studies
Coordinator, Film and Media Studies Concentration
Davidson College


April 2018



We cannot begin to tell you how fabulous our trip to Cuba was.  From the moment we saw Daniel’s smiling face at the airport until we said “goodbye” every detail of our trip was exactly as it was supposed to be or better!  The 2 places we stayed were lovely and the people who worked there were extremely hospitable.  The restaurants and activities were obviously well planned and thoroughly enjoyed.  Henry was a terrific driver and Daniel’s knowledge, compassion and sense of humor all made this a trip of a lifetime.  The salsa lessons, dance clubs, tobacco farm (especially the ox cart driver), artists, farmers, food, RUM, CARS, music…..I could go on and on. 


It was all wonderful.  We can’t wait to tell our friends where to take their next vacation.

Thank you and your staff for your knowledge, suggestions and for coordinating this wonderful trip for us.


Myra and Irwin Schussler

April 2018



Thank you so much for your kind help and good wishes. We couldn't have asked for a better agent.

Barbara & Steve - Check out their blog and photo!

March 2018

My wife Katy and I did a 20 day trip to Cuba through Cuba Travel Adventures this last December-January. Manny and Caroline were excellent to work with and catered to all of our strange wishes and customized an itinerary that took full advantage of 3 weeks in Cuba. We started in Havana, made our way west to Vinales then drove all the way down to the extremely isolated city of Baracoa in Oriente, seeing so many unforgettable places, people and landmarks along the way. Our guide Cesar and driver Roly were incredibly fun and caring and it was obvious during the whole time that they went above and beyond to make sure we felt comfortable on the journey. All the accomodations in casas particulares were very tidy and it always felt like there were fun, eye-opening things to do everyday, but also the freedom to explore on our own if we wanted to.


Katy ended up coming down with a really bad case of strep throat while we were there and we were suddenly faced with the panic of dealing with illness in a strange place where we didn't even know how to go about getting medical care. Our guides immediately jumped into action making phone calls with Ernesto, and were able to get Katy in to see a doctor and a specialist immediately for treatment.


This illness, while painful and unfortunate at the time, really showed the true colors of this company and its employees and why we're so happy to shout their praises on here!


One thing that was clear and outstanding on our trip, Cuba is an unbelievably beautiful, soulful and complicated country. If you go there, you can book with Cuba Travel knowing that the very best people are looking after you both in Cuba and back in the states.

Mike L.

March 2018

Cuba was awesome. We are so glad we did private tour. Cruise offered very little options to do stuff and really limited time there. We had no problems but cruise made it seem like we would. So thank you for taking care of us. It was very safe and easy unlike what you hear from cruise people and news. Daniel was amazing if you ever send anyone else to Cuba we recommend him.

And the cooking class was so awesome you should always recommend that. Way different way to experience culture and food. That and the trip to the spice farm was our favorite part of the trip.

The cruise ship made Cuba seem very difficult and dangerous. They gave out information often but told us it might take hours to get off or back on ship due to custom and visas, it took 30 min. They also changed times we were there. They really pushed their trips but they were high rates and we heard very limited. Our guide took us to some great private owned places not just government ones. 

J. and K. Kruer (cruise clients - Havana day tours)


February 2018




Easy to find the guide, Ceasar in Havana.


He did a great job. 


The restaurants were fantastic.


Thank you for all your efforts in the arrangements.


Jack A. Powers

January 2018


Dear Manny and Caroline,


We are home, relatively rested and still reliving the memories of our spectacular trip to Cuba!  Thank you so much for the incredible itinerary....the sights, the timing, the locations were all perfect!  It's hard to choose a favorite....every place, every activity is a contender!


Our group definitely enjoyed the New Year's Eve party at Odette's lovely home.  That evening will be one of our most memorable NYE nights ever!  The entertainment was spectacular, food delicious and hosts delightful.  It was great to meet you, your wife and your very talented granddaughter, Manny!  


Our lunch with the professor was most interesting!  What a nice guy!  And, so interesting to hear his perspective on issues and Cuba's future.


Caroline, thank you for all your efforts on our behalf.  Everything went seamlessly and we appreciate your time and everyone else at the company that helped.


Finally, I think I speak for our entire group when I say the trip would not have been the same without our good fortune in having David as our guide and Yasnier as our driver!  They were both spectacular, well-organized, hard working, genuine and have become friends of all of ours!  Spending our week with them most definitely contributed to how wonderful our trip was!  (If we want to send them a few gifts from the US, do you have any suggestions on how we could go about that?  Could we get items to you before you go next time, Manny?)


Cuba is a wonderful country and we are all so glad we went....and happy we chose Cuba Travel Adventures Group!


Thank you,


Lynne C.... (and friends!)

Seattle, WA

December 2017


Dear Manny, thank you so much for such a delightful trip to Cuba. We're home for 10 days already and every time I find myself thinking about our trip, I find myself smiling.  Ernesto was more than a tour guide.  Robin and I had so much fun traveling, singing, dancing, joking and just plain visiting with him, we'll not forget him.  We felt very safe with him,  he was always there for us.  He was extremely helpful when I needed to go to the clinic; he stayed with us and even ran out and got food for Robin.  He went over and above the call of duty in making sure we personally delivered the gifts we brought to Cuba from here. 


I'd also like to express my appreciation to you for spending those extra times talking to me and reassuring me of the safety in Cuba, without that we may have missed the best trip of our life time. 


Thank You and have a wonderful trip to Cuba starting tomorrow.


Connie and Robin


November 2017

We had a wonderful trip. Cuba was awesome. We are so glad we did private tour.


Cruise offered very little options to do stuff and really limited time there. We had no problems but cruise made it seem like we would. So thank you for taking care of us. It was very safe and easy unlike what you hear from cruise people and news. Daniel was amazing if you ever send anyone else to Cuba we recommend him. Also the cooking class and trip to spice/fruit farm was the best thing we did all trip. 


Thanks again. 

-The Kruers

November 2017


Hello Manny....


Please tell any who are considering a trip to Cuba about the extraordinary experience Diane and I had on the two week trip you put together for us.  We spent 14 days getting to know our driver and guide.  They were both very personable and eager to talk about life in Cuba. We covered over 1000 miles in the two weeks during which we developed a special relationship with both men.  In fact, the driver introduced us to his mother, and then his brother and family who invited us for a meal in their home.   We stayed in paradores,  the equivalent of airbnb;  families renting an extra bedroom to tourists passing through so we got inside many homes and again, had many conversations (Diane is fluent in Spanish) with different families.  And as for safety:  we never felt in any danger.  For one thing,  Castro confiscated all guns so unlike our country, it really is very safe.  We found everyone to be friendly and hospitable;  I have found that it is useful to have lots of small bills so that when a fellow dressed up as Castro offers to have his picture taken with him, it is easy to provide a tip; or we saw several very good "statues",  live people immobile for hours... appreciated some money;  and the many cafes with local bands playing fabulous Cuban music with a hat for donations.. it was good to be able appreciate their work by leaving donations.



Our trip to Cuba has left us with many very special memories.  I would encourage any who are interested in this very interesting place to take full advantage of any opportunity to go.   Thanks so much to you and your crew for making it happen.



- Kim and Diana Coit


November 2017


Manny and Caroline - from the moment our plane landed in Havana, our trip to Cuba could not have been better planned and executed.  We were greeted by two of your finest representatives, Daniel and Osvaldo, who guided us through a two week journey via the finest form of transportation available, a 70's VW van!


Without exception, every stop in every city included an excellent and well considered combination of accommodations, restaurants, education and culture. 


More importantly, spending time with Daniel and Osvaldo clearly enriched the experience; their intelligence and caring nature gave us a much deeper and lasting appreciation of Cuba than we ever imagined.  We are grateful to all at CTAG for creating a lasting memory.  

October 2017


We had a great trip to Cuba! 

Cuba Travel Adventures Group planned an excellent trip for my husband and me. We learned so much and had a ton of fun. It was a great mix of intellectual stimulation with fun vacation activities. 

We had some concerns about traveling to Cuba because of the natural and political storms of late, but Manny and Caroline at CTAG patiently answered our questions, and our experiences with our guides in Cuba completely removed any concerns we had. In the end, we felt especially good about traveling to Cuba to learn, to meet the Cuban people, and to develop friendships.

CTAG worked closely with us to personally design our trip to include areas that we were interested in - music, art, history, hiking, snorkeling, beach going, botanical gardens, current affairs, politics, mojito making, and exploring Havana, Cojimar, Viñales, Playa Larga, Cienfuegos and Trinidad. We had the opportunity to talk with a political science professor, a bass guitarist and journalists. We loved the live music and dancing at Fabrica de Arte Cubano and Club 1830 on the waterfront. We saw a bust of Abe Lincoln at the the Museum of the Revolution in Havana. We also saw some of Cuba's natural beauty through snorkeling and swimming in the Caribbean, hiking, horseback riding, visiting a family-operated farm, visiting an orchid garden, as well as driving along fields of sugar cane while listening to beautiful Cuban music. Music was everywhere in Cuba.
Our Cuban tour team was exceptional! Our guide, David, was fluent in English and willing to tutor us in Spanish, which we all enjoyed and had a lot of fun with. David was friendly, open, very knowledgable, and tireless, with an easy laugh. Our driver, Rainel, was so kind, conscientious, and friendly that he made our trip very comfortable and easy. They both worked tirelessly to make our trip wonderful. Ernesto, our very friendly and capable travel organizer in Havana, did a great job organizing our trip and joined us on a few occasions to connect and be sure all was going well.

Of special note - my husband and I celebrated our wedding anniversary in Playa Larga and David arranged for a local band to serenade us when we returned from dinner to our casa (surprised me!). The band sounded beautiful and we both felt the lead singer had the voice of an angel. It's an experience we will never forget. My husband and I had such a fun and memorable trip. 

I highly recommend going to Cuba and having Cuba Travel Adventures Group organize the trip for you.

- Rochelle & Jay H. from Seattle

July 2018

We had a great experience with Cuba Travel Adventures Group.  


Manny Kopstein, the owner had alot of experience with traveling to Cuba.  I had not found a lot of reviews on the company prior to contracting with them, but upon my initial conversation with Manny, I felt pretty comfortable with him so I moved forward with the planning.

We were a group of 25 and they had their hands full with us! I was the group organizer and I left nothing to chance. The home based team which included Caroline and Jodi, bless their souls, were the best. They were patient and very understanding of my constant questions and numerous follow-up emails throughout the planning process. We started planning the trip earlier this year and they handled everything with the exception of our flights. This included our hotel accommodations, tours, shows and meals. 

We were scheduled to travel to Cuba 3 weeks after Hurricane Irma and we had some very serious and legitimate concerns about how things would turn out. Manny assured us that by virtue of their culture, travel to Cuba is sometimes a little chaotic, but that the aftermath of the hurricane should not add any more stress to our experience. He was in constant contact with his team in Cuba who was providing daily updates on the progress of the clean-up effort. Several conference calls later with our group where he provided us with those updates, we finally decided to move forward with the trip instead of cancelling our rescheduling. We were soooo glad that we did! Shout out to Manny for his willingness to get on several conference calls with 25 people and have 25 different questions (some the same, but just phrased differently) thrown at him. He handled it like a champ, although he is a little long-winded. :-)

Arrival in Cuba was seamless. The Cuba based team met us at baggage claim and got us right to our hotel (Melia Habana). Let me take a moment to express my sincere appreciation for our guides in Havana. Ernesto, Danny, Cesar and Osvaldo were the absolute best!!!!! Shout out to those guys because they made the magic happen! I cannot express enough, the gratitude that we have for them. They were first class. One person from our group got sick and was not able to join us for dinner one night. Danny was so worried about her that he got the restaurant to pack up her meal to-go. When we got back to the hotel, he had me call her on the house phone so that he could talk to her himself to ensure that she was okay! How's that for personal service! Also, we had been talking about the birthday of one of the guys that was in our group and the fact that he was turning 35. The guys must have overheard our conversation because on our last day they had gotten a birthday cake for him and surprised him with it! How very thoughtful of them! He couldn't believe that they took out the time to do that for lil ole' him!

The tours were amazing. We did everything from mojito, cooking and salsa classes, to riding in the 1950's vintage cars.  That was definitely a blast. You havne't had a mojito until you've ad a "real" one in Cuba made with lemon juice, honey, a dash of club soda and RUM....lots of RUM! We also got the VIP treatment with first row seats at the Tropicana and premium seats at the Buena Vista Social Club.  Other tours included the Partagas Cigar Factory, the studio where Nat King Cole recorded, the famous Nacionale hotel, walking tour of the Parque Central, the Fusterlandia and Muraleando communities and the local crafts market. 

The food was beyond amazing. We ate at top notch paladars and restaurants. Fusion Nightclub and Restaurant, Ajiaco, San Cristobal and El Aljibe just to name a few. 

Manny suggested that in addition to the resort that we were staying at (Melia Habana), we could get a flavor for the locals by staying in a hotel in downtown Old Havana.  In my opinion, this was suggested because for whatever reason, he was not able to get us booked in the Melia for all 5 nights as originally agreed.  But, the suggestion was a good one and we are glad that we did it.  It was an older hotel (Hotel Sevilla), but it had charm and was right in the middle of everything.  No, we were not given a refund on the difference, but he made up for it with other things such as the front row seats and 2 meals that he paid for that we were originally supposed to cover on our own.

Be sure that you get all of your expectations in writing down to the last detail.  Get travelers insurance and pay special attention to the verbiage in the contract that advises you that the tours are a "menu" of items and could be changed based on what's going on in Cuba.  You might want to negotiate some terms of your own that identify what type of compensation or substitution you can expect when things have to be changed.  I failed to do this, but will know the next time.

Thanks again to CTAG and their tireless work in ensuring that we had the trip of a lifetime! Cuba is a beautiful country and should not be missed.

Sereatha S.


August 2017

​I very rarely write reviews, but really felt compelled to write one after our AMAZING experience with Cuba Travel Adventures Group.​

Our trip was a spur of the moment, last minute idea.  However, you never would have guessed.  Not one detail was missed.  We felt like the owners of ​Cuba Travel Adventures Group "heard" us and gave us the EXACT trip we were expecting - and more!

We had told the facilitator and owner, Manny, that we wanted a REAL WORLD experience for our teenager boys.  We live in a very well-​to​-​do area, so sometimes "the price of privilege" in our town needs to be balanced by REAL WORLD experiences.

This trip was just what the doctor ordered.  From the VISA process, to the airplane reservations, to the arrival at the airport, to the wonderful accommodations - everything was perfect.  From the daily private driver and tour guide taking us to baseball practice and games, which we requested, to the many real world sight seeing tours, to the humbling community service projects set up for us to experience - everything was perfect.  To the jazz clubs, the night life, the many fantastic cultural experiences, both close to the residence and a few hours away - everything was perfect.

We felt like we got a little taste of "everything Cuba".  The service provided to us from​ ​Cuba Travel Adventures Group was flawless, but the Cuban side of the trip was warm and lovely.  Ernesto, Daniel, Osvaldo​, Cesar​ - thank you for making our time in Cuba an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Private van tour with 24 hour service from our amazing guide, Daniel and our driver Osvaldo.  3 baseball practices and 2 games - baseball in Cuba?  Awesome!  Dinner at a government executive's home with a life sized roasted pig on the dining table, live jazz in the back yard and an opera performance in the living room - Wow!  Tours of the city, along the Malecon, around the city via 50's American convertibles, and downtown Havana.  Swimming in the ocean, exploring and swimming under a gorgeous waterfall after hiking, zip lining - so fun!  Touring a farmer's home, private art collection, and eating lunch prepared from his garden and having him join us for lunch - and - horseback riding through the countryside, getting a tour of a 3rd generation tobacco farm and getting a lesson on how to roll and smoke a cigar from the farmer himself - very cool!  Experiencing children's culture in a rebuilt neighborhood and attending a real Santeria performance - Exciting!  And...well​...​a few other things that I don't want to mess up the surprises on...but oh-so-much-fun!

How do parents know when a trip has "touched" their son in the way that they had hoped it would?  When he comes home and tells you how moving the experience was for him and that he wants to give back to the wonderful people of Cuba - someway, somehow.  Here is an 8 minute video of how the trip touched my 16 year old son's life - in his words.  (release of video on request pending family's permission)

I can't give a better review than that! ​ ​Cuba Travel Adventures Group - thank you, a million times, thank you!      


-Candace & Keith Nordstrom


Hello to CTAG People -


Other tours (Tauck, for example) will put you in hotels. The Cuba Travel Adventures Group works with and benefits the Cuban people.  They will cater your breakfasts, (eggs and fruit, coffee and fresh juice) and it will be nice housing. You also will eat at "paladares" (beautiful restaurants in homes, the growing middle-class's booming new industry). If you were on a Tauck tour or National Geographic tour, you would stay in hotels, benefiting the government, ours was a very unique way to experience and meet Cuban people.


You will have a private guide and your own transportation and driver, we had a huge bus for our family of 5, with a fridge with bottled water, which was great.  The house had a safe, and you pay for alcoholic drinks, everything else is included. We drank and tipped as much as we could, and barely spent half of the recommended currency, but we could convert it back at the airport.


There are great things to do, and Manny will intersperse a lot of cultural things to get the People-To-People visas, which for us, included lunch with a political scientist, dinner with a cool bass player in a hot Cuba band, and a tea at the American Embassy. These were all really great experiences!


Cuba is just about the most photogenic place I have ever been to, seems everyone looks better in front of a gorgeous 1950's American car, or a pastel-colored, dilapidated but beautiful building in that bright Caribbean light.


E. H., T.M. and family

New York City

January 2017

Dear Manny and staff,


I don’t know where to start about our recent trip to Cuba.   Everyone has agreed it was the trip of our lifetime!  As I mentioned to you before, while in Australia I was involved in the travel industry and this trip far surpassed anything from Barcelona to Beijing.  I want to go back again and bring my sister and maybe Lexie and Dylan .  


Your staff, Rosbel, Freddie and Yves (sp) ( Youes??) were jacks of all trades.   I have never met a more courteous, knowledgeable or articulate group of guides.   Rosbel was so informative and knowledgeable.  I loved talking with him about  everything from politics and history to card tricks ( I even showed him a few).   He taught Dylan to Rumba and I never saw him when he wasn’t smiling.  We will all miss him.  He is an asset…don’t lose him!!!  Yves went beyond the call of duty.  He did everything from opening doors to holding our bags while we took pictures.  When we changed the itinerary he just smiled and said no problem.   Even though the plane to Santiago was delayed he still smiled and reassured us everything would be ok.  Freddie was the best driver as I am still trying to figure out how he got that van in  and out of so many tight spaces.  Always on time and very safe.  Plenty of water and willing to stop whenever we wanted to.  These are the guys that make Cuba Travel what it is.  


You were correct when you said this was going to give us all a taste of the real Cuba.  We went to the National Hotel for a short drink and it was like Disneyland.  We enjoyed every part of the trip and if we had to do it all over again we would stay for 2 weeks.  So much to see and do.  The people were so warm and generous.  I cant say enough about the experience.  


I must tell you one quick anecdote.  The last day in Rio de Pinar we were all a bit tired after the horse ride and ready to head home .  We weren’t that  interested in seeing cigar rolling but once the guy came out every female in the group rushed to watch him explain cigars.  They ( and I ) agreed that he was the most gorgeous man they had ever seen.  No a word was spoken while he demonstrated how to roll a cigar.  Their mouths were agape…more pictures taken of him.  After all was said and done he ,just like the rest of the people we met , was so interesting and we would not wanted to miss it.  


I wish you luck and if anyone has doubts please tell them to call or write me.  

Thank you once again.  This was the best!!






It was a pleasure to meet you. I enjoyed talking with you and I hope our paths cross again, through travel or perhaps through baseball. Thank you for putting together a fabulous trip for us. It really was an incredible experience. Thank you also for your patience and flexibility with all of our schedule change requests, I'm sure that was challenging for you, Ernesto, Daniel, Alexis and Yunier, but you never showed it(at least not publicly).  The five of you were outstanding, and much appreciated!! 

My best for a happy, healthy, prosperous New Year, filled with Love and Light, and of course, Attitude!!



Dear Manny and Ernesto,


As I try with considerable difficulty to get back to work this morning, I wanted to share with you two photos. One is a picture of my favorite moment from the trip, when Ilan was catching for a young Cuba pitcher. The caption Ilan wrote on his Instagram post says it all: “Two cultures communicating through the universal language of baseball.”


The other picture is of a post card Alan and I found in a vintage shop in upstate New York this summer. The postcard shows the memorial to the USS Maine, which the Ambassador told us was destroyed in a hurricane; and now the Americans and Cubans have separate parts of the broken eagle, the same as the complete statute we saw at the Ambassador's residence. I sent it to the group with the heading “What we didn’t see in Cuba."


A sincere thank you to both of you for an incredible, once in a lifetime experience. On the bus ride to the airport, Jon Rubin passed around a notebook and everyone wrote their top 2-3 memories of the trip. Someone is supposed to type it up, and I’ll then send you a copy (or you can watch Yunier’s video of Jon reading all the comments). Probably more than half the people listed our guides as a trip highlight. It’s hard for any of us to imagine what the trip would have been like without Daniel, Alexis, and Yunier. We returned home profoundly touched by the people we met and the places we visited during a memorable week in Cuba. 


With tremendous gratitude, 


cuba adventur group baseball camps

Please extend our thank you to all involved in our booking! It was perfect from start to finish. Aylin really did make our trip so special! She's an amazing person. So sweet, clever, and accommodating 24/7.      


-  Kelly M., San Francisco November 29, 2016



"If you want an intimate experience of Cuba by immersing yourself in the culture of this extraordinary country, talk to Manny - the guy behind the curtain with Cuba Travel Adventures. I hold him personally responsible for the exceptional 2 weeks we had in Cuba last month. All we wanted was a good guide and a vehicle to get us from Havana to Vinales to Trinidad without complication. I was not certain this was possible, after too many people kept defining "personalized tour" as being herded on and off a bus with a small group of strangers, kept on a tight schedule and an even tighter leash. Enter Manny. I wrote to him, and he called back in under ten minutes, and his first words were, "How's this for service?" I liked him immediately. He made it clear he could create an itinerary woven around our interests, with the freedom to stray at any given moment from what we had planned for the day. No tight leash. No leash at all. Nice. Yes we could have a guide, and our guide would be well educated and available at all times, and the driver would be professional, and the car would actually run. (I specifically asked if the car would run, and maybe even for the definition of "car.") If you're having any concerns about the legitimacy of this company because there aren't a lot of reviews, let me put your mind at ease: I was a bear about researching them. I didn't like the idea of handing over deposit money and passport numbers to someone who might just be talking a good game; getting taken like that might put me in a bad mood for the next several years. Nothing to worry about. Manny handled my interrogation flawlessly. He delivered on everything I asked for and answered all my questions and kept a sense of humor and never lost his cool. At no time was the communication anything less than stellar - before and after we signed on the dotted line. Should I write about how deeply Cuba touched me? How much fun it was, how easy it was to fall in love with and how I was so often overwhelmed that I just needed to sit still and be thankful? Can I talk about the places we went in detail? Explain why we adored our guide and driver so much that even now, 3 weeks later, we still miss their company? Do you want to know that the paladars were superb and the locations breathtaking and the people far more beautiful inside and out than I ever imagined? Cars there tell stories. Buildings tell stories. The hosts at each casa particular, opening their homes and hearts to us simultaneously, redefined what it means to be gracious. The history, the architecture, the music, the soul. The talking trees at Finca Luna. Willie, who I keep telling myself actually exists - and his family actually exists - though I still think I dreamed it all. The baseball game in Vinales - unplanned, but perhaps not so unexpected (thanks Uncle Buddy, with memories of watching you play at Thillens Stadium). Yes, this was a personal tour. Very much so. No need for me to tell you what Cuba is like. You already feel the pull or you wouldn't be reading this. Have your own discovery, and be as moved as you want to be. Maybe all you need is a reliable way to get there and back, some solid recommendations, and a great guy with a fabulous company to bounce ideas around with and make it all happen. Work with Cuba Travel adventures. Talk to Manny. Note that while you are listening to him he is listening to you. This is someone who is as invested in your stay as you are. His love for Cuba, and the Cuban people, will be palpable. Just like yours will be, when you return."                        


 -   Gail and Jeff


Earlier in July I went to Cuba with the Cuba Adventures Group and it was ideal. My sister and her son il law went from LAX nonstop to Havana. My niece and I went from Miami to Havana (45 minute flight). There was maintenance problems on this American Airlines charter. We got in 4 hours late. My sister was taken to dinner and we were taken to join them. Our guide had a hard time finding out when we would arrive but his smiling face was there at baggage claim.


The entire trip in Cuba was the best. Our own driver and guide. They were with us as late and again as early as we wanted to start. There was total flexibility. We decided to go swimming with the locals in a natural pool at the bottom of a beautiful water fall. No problem just went a little longer that day.


The bed and breakfast facilities we stayed in were as good as you could find any place in the world. The fresh fruit was especially good. Lot of it with fresh juice every morning.


When planning the trip they asked what I had in mind. I went over about 15 things. Several things were not practical and they helped me set up the entire trip. We did our own thing from Havana (took a second ride in a 1952 red V-8 conferable a second time as it was so much fun), To the water fall (mentioned above) to the Bay of Pigs (swimming and museum). Jon ended up short of cash. No problem he had it the next day thru Manny's contact in Canada.


If you want a outstanding trip use Cuba Travel Adventures Group.

   -   John H.  Chicago, IL

August 2016

I wanted to take a moment to give you some feedback on our recent long weekend in Havana.  The trip was amazing. It was one of the greatest learning experiences of our lives.  Ernesto did a great job of arranging activities and our guide, David, was absolutely wonderful.  Our driver, Damian, was great.  The accomodations at our casa were outstanding.  The itinerary was good but the highlight of our trip was the interaction with the Cuban people. We enjoyed our time in Havana and we cannot wait to go back.
Thank you all at Cuba Travel Adventures Group for making the process a painless experience and arranging the itinerary with superb Cuban guides. I have already recommended you to colleagues interested in going to Cuba.

Thanks again,  The Osbornes




Daniel and Rolando did a marvelous job for us on the recent trip I completed with my Grandson, Jack. Both men were so enjoyable and took care of our every desire.  Jack and I both felt that the trip was more than we had ever anticipated.  Please send Daniel’s address as I want to send him a book to pass on to a friend of his.

You and your staff are all wonderful and provide a great experience.


Barry Kannon

Vice-Chairman of the Board/CAO

(415) 901-4400 |

I had the opportunity to accompany my 14 year old grandson on a baseball trip to Cuba with the Cuba Travel Adventures Group this summer. It was a life-changing experience as we were introduced to “inside Cuba” including warm interactions with the Cuban people. Our tour was guided by a team of highly educated, articulate young men who informed us of Cuban history to modern day.  We had a lunch lecture from a University Professor and talks from private business entrepreneurs to communal farms. We toured the highlights of Cuba and had first hand experiences with the culture in art, music, photography and dance. We even got to ride in the classic cars and the horse and buggies. Our trip extended outside the city of Havana to the countryside and the beautiful beaches of Valerdaro. We visited the haunts of Hemingway (including his estate and boat), had tea with the new American Ambassador and enjoyed the performance of the famous Buena Vista Social Club.  A unique experience was delivering food to families with special needs children, bringing “state of the art” baseball equipment to the Cuban teams and interacting with the Cuban baseball players during meals provided after the games. The dining venues chosen were of high quality and we were often accompanied with live entertainment. 
We traveled in an air conditioned bus with a perfect balance of activity and rest. Every effort was made to accommodate our needs and comfort.

I recommend Cuba Travel Adventures Group for your next vacation and do it sooner than later!!!
      - Grandparent on Baseball exchange tour (July 2-10)




Great trip. Thank you! Unique trip! To that extent I wouldn't change anything.

Thanks again, Manny, I appreciate all that you, Soo and your team did to encapsulate complexity and let the rest of us have a unique experience of a lifetime. I learned a lot about Cuba, though the more I learned, the more I knew that I did not understand! I had many meaningful experiences and connections, some sobering. I also enjoyed the fun and camaraderie that you made possible. All that in a week is really quite amazing. 

   - Richard

Hi Manny, I didn't have a chance at the end of our travels to let you know how much Alex and I thoroughly enjoyed the trip.  It was truly the trip of a lifetime! I feel like we came away from Cuba having experienced a months worth of sites and activities.  The ever changing itinerary, the guides, the food, the towns we visited, the accommodations, the Cuban baseball team, the bus, were all fantastic. We really appreciated your help guiding the group in the airports as well.  I'm sure we'll see you around Tiburon. Thanks, 

  - Kirsten & Alex

"Thanks so much for arranging our amazing trip to Cuba, Manny!  Bill and I had a wonderful time and we appreciated the great guides and drivers, the opportunity to see so many different areas of the country and learn about its history, the delicious food and the great experiences.  Several friends have expressed an interest in visiting Cuba after hearing our stories, so I wanted to make sure I can pass on your contact information.  Thanks again!"
     - Sincerely, Cheryl Brady



May 29, 2016

Hi, Manny, Just to let you know I HAD THE MOST FABULOUS TIME IN CUBA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'll write or call with more detail when I return home and I will have more time to describe how amazing and terrific the trip was.  Didn't however want to wait any longer to contact you and tell you how happy I was.

    - Bonnie



"You are a rare gift to the travel world! Many thanks, Denise.



"Manny; Just a quick note. We had an amazing trip to Cuba. Both our guide Raul and driver Rolando were fantastic. Many thanks to them and you and your team for the arrangements.     -  Best regards, Peter



From recent travelers -  "Highlights... It's difficult to say because it really was a spectacular trip throughout. Ana was a big highlight. She really made the trip special. Talking to the professor was big. The day in the country was great. Making our own lunch and mojitos was very special."



Big, big kudos to tour guide Anita, or Ana, as she asked us to call her and Ernesto. We couldn't have asked for a better guide. She is now a friend for life and we are keeping in touch via Facebook."   - Suzanne and Bruce



"Manny and Suzanne,

 Many thanks for a super trip!  Cuba is a wonderful country and the people are so friendly and helpful.  We had so many experiences we will never forget.  Andrew practiced his Spanish, and now I want to learn it too.  The driver and guide were extremely good.  Thanks again!"  -   Susan Roberts 



"My Mom and I went through Cuba Travel Adventures Group earlier this year and had a great experience. At the Miami airport we easily picked up our charter flight tickets and then were off to Cuba. At the airport we were met by our guide and driver and started our journey. I can't stress enough how satisfied my Mom and I were that we decided to go on a tour with just the two of us. We were really able to get to know our guide and even met his wife, family and baby at his mother in law's home. It was experiences like this, that really made our Cuba trip special. 

Anywhere we went our guide seemed to know somebody, and we were really satisfied with the restaurants and areas he recommended. All lodging was already taken care of when we got there. We stayed mostly in Casa Particulares which are peoples homes that they rent out. Every home we stayed in was clean, comfortable and safe. 

Overall I think that if you want a more authentic trip to Cuba then this is a great company. It will offer more of an opportunity to see the Cuban lifestyle than being in a larger tour. We really liked both our driver and our guide. Manny was also very responsive throughout the booking process and called us during our tour to see how we were doing. We were in Cuba for 10 days and felt that we got to see a lot of the country with most of our time in Havana."

    -  Michael M.  March 2016



"Manny and company at Cuba Travel Adventures Group put together a spectacular two week trip to Cuba for our small group of two couples. They provided a van with driver AND guide, augmented with local specialist guides who provided greater detail about localities and attractions. We stayed in private homes (casas particulares) on Manny's recommendation, and are very glad we did. We learned a great deal by spending time with our hosts, who were invariably open about their island's history, economy, and prospects.

Because one of our group is a frustrated botanist we focused on botanical gardens and outdoor excursions. Along the way we visited nine cities and learned a lot of Cuban history. Our primary guide was an absolute gem. He had over twenty years experience in the travel business in Cuba, spoke excellent English, and obviously loved his work. We shared a dinner one evening in Havana with a former Cuban diplomat, who was very candid in his responses to our questions. In Santiago de Cuba our local guide was a professor of law and author of books on the death penalty. We had fascinating discussions.

We hiked in nature preserves and natural parks, and swam in three waterfalls. We visited UNESCO sites. We immersed ourselves in the history of the island, from San Juan Hill up which Teddy Rosevelt (may have) charged, to the site of the troop train derailment in Santa Clara where Che Guevara turned the tides of the Cuban Revolution. We saw countless 1950s cars kept running by willpower and inertia. We saw blockish apartment complexes built by the Russians for factory workers.

We were very satisfied with our experience with CTAG, and have already recommended them to family and friends considering travel to Cuba."

     -    T. Brown, D. Gephart Group   March 2016



"Suzanne and Manny

It was a trip of lifetime.   An excellent adventure.    Thank you for your organization and individualized planning.  Your colleagues in Havana are a good team.

Highlights for us were:

1)      The casa particular home stays which showed both hospitality, comfortable rooms and full breakfasts with lots of fruit.  

2)      A wide variety of activities from mountains to beach at a pace that was efficient – for the large amount of territory we covered

3)      Many informative encounters with Cubans (partly due to Skip’s Miami Spanish).    The Havana palador meal with Camilo Garcia Lopez-Trigo and the day and home cena in Santiago with  Reinaldo Suarez were excellent.     I exchanged botany with five local guides – especially at Jardin de los Helechos in Santiago.

4)      Meals that were in very good paladares everywhere we went.

5)      Manuel was a superior guide – experienced and fluent in English.   We enjoyed his care thoroughly.

6)      We learned a lot of history on the spot from the people who were there.

7)      Our driver Yoandi was very safe and reliable.   The Chinese van had good air conditioning and thus the two longer drives were tolerable.

8)      And we must not forget what was perhaps our best day - cooking at Ajiaco and then the gardens at Vivero Alamar with our host Isis."


Thank you so much,  Dale & Connie      March 2016



"Manny, I keep hearing fabulous reports form the group about the trip, the success in the last minute adjustments, and the wonderful guides. Jan"




From a Travel Agent Client on behalf of her Clients:   "Thank you so very much for taking such great care of the (client group).They absolutely had the trip of a lifetime!!!    - Sharon March 2016



"You won't find a more patient and engaging guide than the team at Cuba Travel Adventures Group. We commend their can-do attitude, and willingness to always find a solution for any issue - big or small. They have an approach that draws out the very best out of everyone we interacted with."

So many enjoyable moments but here are our favorites:

  • Salsa lesson

  • The Paladars - especially La Guarida, Otramanera, the organic farm up in Vinales

  • Tobacco farm - especially since we could buy some!

  • Exploring Old Havana - so much charm and character.

  • Our interactions with the locals. For example: Our dinners where we were able to mingle with the owners and their families.

  • Singing songs with the lovely abuela at El Meson.

In sum, our fondest memories were the spontaneous experiences when we  could interact with the Cuban people and just being able to absorb the atmosphere wherever we stopped on our journeys during our 10 days in the country." 




"We really couldn't thank you enough for the amazing memories of our Cuban adventure!"   -   The JH/VH group



"An experience in Cuba that I can truly say has changed my life. Thank you!"    -    K.T.



"Thank you for introducing us to an amazing and unforgettable place! The timing was perfect and it was an incredible experience all around."

        - A recent Cuba Travel Adventures Group member of a 15-person group tour



"Manny, You and your team made the dream of a 77 year old ballroom dancer come true!  I was able to experience the Salsa where it was born, in Cuba.  What a great adventure  you made possible for me. You provided such a great support network in Cuba that I always felt safe, and I enjoyed once-in-a-lifetime cultural and dancing experiences with great Cuban people every day.  My guides opened doors to a Cuba ordinary tourists seldom see, making for a fantastic Cuban fantasy."     -     Sincerely,  C.D.B  (June 2015)



"My family has traveled to many places around the world with me and nobody seems to show more attention for detail than you guys!  Thank you for an amazing trip."



"Manny, Thank you for a great trip to Cuba. 

Everything was good and your guide was great. He could not have done more for us. Young energetic knowledgeable, what more could we ask for. 

Thanks again and happy thanksgiving."     -     Jerry (Family of four - Thanksgiving trip 2015)



"We have talked with so many people here in CO and in TX last week about our trip.  Everyone is amazed that we were able to plan it for such a short time and that everything went even more smoothly than we could have hoped.  We love Ernest!  It was definitely a dream come true! "    -   VP and SP 12/21/15



"I just returned from a trip to Cuba with my 4 young adult kids (in their early 20s). I organized the trip entirely through Cuba Adventure Travel. I was able to work directly with Manny and Suzanne to completely customize the trip around our family's preferences. They worked with me to establish an affordable budget and created a terrific price fix excursion. We traveled with a young, energetic guide who spoke perfect English and directed our driver on our travels to several cities. We experienced home stays with very nice, clean accommodations, and were directed to some wonderful restaurants and bars in the evenings. We came away feeling as though we had a great sense of the people, their culture and history from a Cuban perspective. And music is everywhere! Don't miss the chance to visit this place while it is just beginning to awaken. Thanks for all of your help.  It was great!"    -     Heidi  1/3/15


"We felt very fortunate to have found Manny and his group!  I am 73, my husband is 75. We have traveled to central and So. American countries in the past, so we had pretty realistic expectations and weren't surprised at putting toilet paper in a trash can and drinking bottled water. Neither of us speak Spanish, but our 26-yr-old Cuban guide has an English degree from the university and we got along just fine. We were fortunate to have him all to ourselves, as we were the only ones booked with them the week we went.  We found everyone to be very warm and friendly and felt very safe. We stayed in an apartment building in a Cuban neighborhood and walked around w/o our guide most evenings. Manny suggested we bring a flashlight, which we did. The food was wonderful. We loved seeing and riding in the old cars! We did quite a lot of walking, with our guide, as well, in Old Havana, etc. we also took a driving trip to Vinales with an overnight in a private home there. The trip and the accommodations were most enjoyable. Their itinerary is flexible. Some people like clubs, some favor museums, etc, but there is a lot to see and do. Our guide was most accommodating regarding what we did/didn't want to see or do.
Manny had all the paperwork - visa, charter flight tickets, Cuba health stamp in order and waiting for us in Miami, which made it very easy for us."
December 2015



" Singing the praises of a great travel experience."    Habana,  2015



"Manny and Suzanne, We want to thank you for a wonderful experience.! It was like going back in time. We got to experience a variety of places and meet different people. We can only use positive adjectives to describe the Cuban people. Warm,friendly,generous,are just a few. They are also very creative and ingenious in making use of materials and resources they have .I hope that with the thawing of relationships things will get better for them.

Our guide Yuri was excellent we would HIGHLY recommend him for future travelers.He was very flexible and accommodating .We learned a lot from him about the Cuban people their history and politics .We had a number of talks with him on all levels He has an interesting history and  we thoroughly enjoyed him and our driver.

The casas gave us an opportunity to get to know families .The hostesses were all gracious and welcoming and provided us with ample good food. We are pretty adaptable , but after experiencing the first two casas  it was quite unexpected how basic was La Moka casa .We do not know options at that location that may have been the best available . We look at it as an adventure and unexpected always happens.  I am glad we did not get isolated in a large hotel removed from reality of life there.

It was truly a great time, we are so happy we went ! We would recommend traveling with you to people who want to experience real Cuba . Thank you again for a great trip!"            -    Penny and Tom Zarfoss 



"Had truly the trip of a lifetime in Cuba. Decided to go to Cuba with a friend last minute over Xmas and New Year's and randomly found Manny's company. After a few emails and phone calls, we were on our way. Had our charter flights and visas organized with Manny on Gulf Stream via Aruba Air and were warmly greeted at the airport. From then on it was smooth sailing, it was just the two of us and we had an amazing guide and driver with us throughout the two weeks. It was great because our itinerary was flexible and if we wanted to stay somewhere longer or cut out somewhere else we could. And then we'd see the large busloads of tourists and we were so happy to get a tour of Cuba that was off the beaten path.

It was money well spent having Manny organize for this and I'd highly recommend it if you are wanting to do your own adventure of Cuba with a highly knowledgable guide and your own driver. Our guide was Manuel and we called him the mayor of Cuba because he knew people everywhere we went.


I hope you enjoy your trip as much as we did and go scuba diving if you can!"    -  Laurel W and Susan E   February 2016



"My family and I just returned from a humanitarian trip to Havana, Cuba and the surrounding countryside. It had long been on my bucket list and Manny and his team at Cuba Travel Adventures Group made it happen. The trip began with a five hour delay at the Tampa Airport due to the Pope being at the Havana Airport. That, however, was our only snag. The people, the underlying beauty of the island, the old American cars…it was like stepping back to the 1950s. Our penthouse apartment was great with views of the Malecon and beyond. The trip exceeded all of our expectations.  Thanks again Manny. The experience was priceless."     -   Randy Akers - two  couples from Georgia  March 2016



"Good morning, Manny!  Cuba was amazing, and you were right about our guide. Oscar, was a complete pleasure. He made our trip fantastic. What a gem you have in him! Thanks again for all the coordinating.    We have many friends who want to chat with us about Cuba after seeing all our Facebook pictures. I will be definitely referring them your way. Thanks!!!"  -   GWP 2/26/16


"Hi Manny, Suzanne, and the CTA team, Just wanted to let you know that we had a fabulous time in Cuba.  Our guide (Nelson) was wonderful and extremely knowledgeable.  He changed things on the itinerary around as necessary and added in a concert at the Fine Arts Museum and a trip to the caves in Vinales.  Our drivers (a father/son team) were great too, and when something broke in the car while we were in Vinales, the son got it fixed quickly.
We could not have been happier with our trip and really appreciate all that you did to make it happen!"    Thanks!    -    Jen & Mayank Seksaria   2/25/16



“This was a trip of a lifetime!  We’ve traveled all over and this trip goes down in history as the best trip ever.  

The driver and guide were wonderful. I would not change anything!"    -    Diana and Kim Coit March 2016

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