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Safety for American Travelers in Cuba:  these early-2018 articles may be of interest:

Cuba: legal, safe and hospitable for Americans


Legal, safe and hospitable were the most repeated adjectives to define Cuba as a tourist destination during a meeting of U.S. companies with the media in Havana.

Cuba Media Day brought together in the Meliá Cohiba Hotel some 20 U.S. travel companies and organizations, among them airlines, cruise line companies and tour operators, and the opinion of their representatives was unanimous: traveling to Cuba does not represent a danger for Americans.

Sonic attacks or collective hysteria?


While some media and politicians like Cuban-American Senator Marco Rubio insist on the theory of the “attacks,” the Department of State and the FBI recognize they still don’t know what happened or who could have been behind the incidents.

Meanwhile, the Cuban government has denied once and again its responsibility or knowledge about the events – as Rubio alleges -, and has even discredited the accusations against it based on the results of its own investigation.

Americans who travel to Cuba despite Trump


The Trump administration’s restrictions and warning about traveling to Cuba have not convinced several U.S. travel agencies and organizations, which continue promoting visits to the island.

In a Fox News feature, heads of these agencies said that the Department of State has not contributed proof that Americans are at risk when traveling to Cuba.

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